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Bookham 4-2 Chertsey Town


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WOW !!!! what an opening 30 minutes of this game.


Bookham go 2 up inside the 1st 10 minutes, Chertsey are level by 17 mins and Bookham score another 2 goals with 30 mins gone. Surprisingly there where no more goals.


Chertsey had also hit the post twice, one when 1 down and Bookham missed 3 one on ones in the second half with chances glore for both sides. Cracking game with the better football in the second half as Bookham absorbed the pressure from Chertsey and looked dangerous on the break. biggrin1 biggrin1

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I thought Bookham looked awesome !


Is there now a new directive on what weight the officials should be ??



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I think BJR is capable of answering my query for himself gussy.


The point im trying to make is it has become more important to some people for them to stay at the club at all costs, and the football is at best a side issue.


In BJRS case he seems happy enough to watch Bookham Fc at Meadowbank, rather than go to Guildford to see the Dorking first team play the 2nd placed side, yet he went to Guildford for two days to see the court case.


When I also read the match report on the Dorking website that barely mentions the football, calls it irrelevant and mostly has another go at the council and the court case I got a bit peeved again.


Losing 6 0 and going down two goals in first two minutes also makes one despair for next season.


Now thinking about it Bjr probably is the clubs representative when Bookham play the home games. It wasnt a cheap shot Gussy, it was a question to BJR.



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Yes TSF, BJR is at most of our home games incase we have issues, like on Saturday we the water pressure droped very very low, BJR did his best to checked all the taps ect an it was found to be an external problem to the ground. Also his wife was unwell over the weekend.

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Thanks Duncs, We battled very well, Chertsey have a plenty of very good individuals, if/when they start playing as a team they will do very well, weakest area is at the back probaly lack one or two players there and could not match us in the commitment area but am sure that will change when they are playing for something.

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Great result I'm pleased to have seen the match. Both teams had ample opportunity to score more goals but the better chances were Bookhams.

Those predictions could still hold though duncs as Chertsey had some quality players but their defending all match was suspect.


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Originally Posted By: thespursfan
bjr I wonder about your motivation?

You went to Guildford twice last week to see the court case but decided against going there on Saturday to see the side play?

A fair question, which deserves a fair answer TSF.

I CAN drive, but I DON'T drive. I have held a full clean licence since 1963 and used it until our glorious NHS partly botched three nerve ending operations to my right shoulder and both arms. This caused premature retirement on a greatly reduced pension. I can drive short distances, but not enough to warrant the massive outlay required to run a car.

It is now common knowledge that I am the Saftey Officer for DFC, and as we have a great relationship with Bookham FC, I take it upon myself to attend their home matches to help out in any way I can.

I would point out that none of this is really your business, but since you deemed it fit to ask the question, or point the finger, I have responded.

Lets draw a line under this particular topic.
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