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THANKS GORDON............................

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Originally Posted By: Mr Happy

Wrong! In '79, the Torries took over a country that was in crisis. It took a while but they turned things around. thatcher lost the plot when Willie Whitelaw retired. He kept her in check. In '97, Labour took over a strong economy and have bolloxed things up. The main reason the Torries got voted out was sleaze. Personally, I don't give a s4it who shags who in Parliament, just as long as they are governing the country properly.

Labout took over at a time when the major economies were strong, but also at a time when "the silver had been sold off" and keystones like the NHS, Railways and Education had suffered years of underfunding.

The Tories were voted out as they had nothing else to offer, after they sold their privitisation agenda, to appeal to the greedy selfish nature of us humans...rather than trying to benefit society as a whole (there is no such thing as society!-MT)

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