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Bucking the trend......

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hahaha. take out broadcasting and they make a loss.


that's as clever as saying "remove gate income, merchandise and all other revenue streams and they'll make a loss"


flip everything upside-down, and it would be upside-down!


stick testes on my auntie, and she could be described as my uncle.




still laughing.


if bayern munich were based in berlin, they wouldn't be called bayern munich...




lol. this has mileage...


without clothes, people would be naked.



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The increased revenue streams generated by the move from Highbury to the Emirates more than justifies the club's decision to move.

I don't think anyone could have foreseen the serious financial downturn in the economy when the Highbury Square project was undertaken.

The remaining apartments will be sold and it's highly likely that some may be rented out if sales are slower than expected.

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