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a few observations if I may...

Uncle Urchin

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when we took over the club 9 years ago we had no more than 40 fans...its been a bit of a roller coaster since then but only the most biased could argue that its been anything but positive both for the football club and the community that it serves...youth development which we never had....stadium rebuilt and trillions of silver bits and thingys that we all love to look at and polish...better than sex everytime....grin


we did many things back then including letting kids in for a quid and it worked...just recently we have seen our gates dropping due to many factors including but not restrictive to the present economical downturn..we need to address that situation and we will and are...we need to address that together and not sit divided in corners fckn whinging and preaching negative tales of gloom and despondency...


a junior local football team came down yesterday for the first time and made a bit of a nuisance of themselves on the riverside I understand...they were accompanied by several adults who decided that the bar was more interesting than the game which is fair enough....good for the profits... drinkies the adults will come back and the kids will also....its what made the urchins famous....


we don't need stewards over there or anywhere....we pride ourselves on the behaviour of home and away fans in the stadium on match days and we don't want to change that....(stewards cost money and we aint got none right now) ...we just need someone to stand up and tell the kids to sit down and behave or go to the eastside....


times are tough at the mo guys but make no mistake about it we'll get through and a faint glimmer of a play off still prevails...I spoke with colin this morning at great length and he is positive that his new lower budget team will do well as the season closes....full marks of course to the loyal players that are staying with him as it gets tough...they deserve our full support..


they have earned that support with their exploits this year...they gave us weymouth and they gave us peterborough....


100's of clubs and fans across the country would live off those memories for years but for some reason some of us have short memories and the murmurs of discontent are rising...I say enjoy it all... the good days and the not so good...its better than what you had 9 years ago and better than what you may have in 9 years time...


think on guys think on...!!


we all need to do our bit and hang in there ...its easy of course when the tv cameras are there and the crowds are bursting through the gate for the glory FA cup games.....gets a little tougher when we are grinding it out and they can't be bothered...we know thats the way it sadly is and we have no problem with that..but we need US right now...the players need US right now...the management of the club need US right now...


the true test of any true fan is that they get tough when it gets tough....we need all of ours now to show that they are tough and are not just here for the glory days or when it suits them and therefore we'll see the true test of us all in the next few weeks and in case there was any doubt and you were all fckn soppy enough to listen to rumours...colin nette and me aint going anywhere just yet...(sorry LOL) we'll let you all know in advance if we decide to...inevitably that day will come as the clock ticks ever onwards but it won't be just yet....I seem to recall we have been written off once or twice before....evil


in the meantime you guys on the tartan blanketside....... just tell the snotty little fckers to shut the fck up...that usually works for me...grin grin


dover next up..I shall be there on tuesday....2-1 urchin win....yay

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crowd weren't too bad yesterday.Would of said there was no more than 100 maidstone fans in the ground and although there were a few more kids than usual at the game compared to the last saturday game of 190 its a healthier rise,although maidstone are a slightly bigger draw than ashford or heybridge

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