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Should Harry Redknapp take over as England manager

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Originally Posted By: MCP
No as we already have a good manager in charge

What?Are you, member of the racists clunts club praising an Italian in charge of your national side?I can't believe this!!!!
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You are part of the same congregation MCP and yes you are one!!He is italian and you said you don't like them...

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You are a two faced liar Mcp!!!Jenko go and feck yourself up in the boxing forum you stupid clunt!!

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Has Capello/Redknapp done something for them to be considered/sacked or something? Or is this just an entirely random thread?


I still can't believe he was a serious contender for the role last time round, when he was being interviewed just how many major trophies/leagues had he won?...sweet FA.

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Originally Posted By: chancer
if so why ? if not why ?

Because he is a treple chinned fat twitching Judas Scummer!!

He would take the England job then probably Jump ship halfway through a campaign once it got tough or once he got offered more money!!!
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