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Thank you 333


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Yes indeed,considering what had gone before a very good turn out. Not THAT many from Tonbridge but thanks to them also for making the trip. A very very well done to all of you!

Again we are let down in front of a decent home crowd (for whatever reasons).When will we actually be rewarded on a match day at home? ............We will! we will!

Might I plead with everyone to KEEP coming despite feeling even more down,more disallusioned than we may have felt before the game.

We have to keep fighting on the field & the same applies OFF the field,on those terraces.

I know its not easy I know to want to go,lord knows even I have had my doubts at times but I/ still do.

Its my club its OUR club,for better or for worse its,my team/OUR team for better or for worse & I/WE need to see things through to the end as a lot of others are already doing.

Please, if you are not one of these,join us on this rocky road.

Things aren't looking bright I agree but IF we DID get ourselves out of this mess & there's still a long way to go so lets not be completely defeatest just yet, think of the contribution YOU would have made. Without you there we might as well just give up now.

We have to continue to believe (hard as it might seem) but we need to keep going,keep helping the club financially & keep trying to help the players by turning up at the very least.

I know its been said a few times now that we are doomed but we are NOT down yet! Come on despite everything we have to keep going. Thank you!


Regards.."The attendance officer for MFC" :) (on a commission basis only) ;) :97:

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Agreed Tony, I thought for a cold Tuesday night it was a great turnout. I was listening to some of the comments in the crowd before the match and there was a real optimism about the ground. Unfortunately, if we had won, I think we may have added another 50 supporters to the match on Saturday, another missed opportunity. However IOC has had little time to see the team play and so hopefully, as I stated earlier, he may have learnt a lot last night.

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Maybe it was only 333 paying customers??? Dont forget Youth, reserves plus managers etc get in free.

Of course Alan & they deserve a pat on the back too but I can only go by the official figure & its those official paying customers that keep this club alive.

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Echo others views who say it looked a bit more. I was expecting the crowd to be given as close to 400. That's positive for a Tuesday night in our position. Just a shame that we couldn't deliver in front of a few returning fans.

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