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Billericay Town V Sittingbourne

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Couldn't quite see how we put out a mixture of regular first teamers and reserve players. Pond played for part of the game and the rest of the team were made up of our Under 18's and reserves. Glad the club made some money out of us by charging £9 for a youth team match. And people wonder why attendances are down...

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Not that I'm an expert or anything but as far as i know Cup game gate price's are the same as league game price's.

I'm sure the club was not out to rip the few supporters that did show up off.

I went to the game expecting to pay £8.50 and i did so no complaints here. I also expected us to win but to be fair i expect us to win all our games.


What was strange was the programme gave a 1st team listing for this game, But that may have been the team list for the called off game?


I also got docked a pint of Strongbow for being late to the club house bartshocked.gif

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First team squad players inc Pond, Oats, Street, Cleaver, League comps have a min charge of £6, But if we want to alter our normal admission price, then we have to get that agreed that with the league and oppo


£9.oo?? ..As regular followers will know, youth team matches (FA Comps aside) are FREE entry Eggola, always have been..

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Since the Play-off system came in the League Cup and Essex Senior Cup have almost become 'Dead Rubber' competitions. Teams put out youth/reserve/mixed sides and attendances are woeful across the board. Only the finals seem to generate any interest of note. Is it worth the club considering minimum charge on these games? It'll be good PR and takes out the "I paid full whack to watch the kids run around" line. Would it entice more people in? Who knows, but maybe it's worth a go.

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We had similar comments when a reserve side turned out against Sudbury in the same competition a couple of seasons back.


You didn't need to be psycic to foretell a minimum 1st team presence in last nights squad. We're away at the league leaders tomorow ffs!

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COYB bartshocked.gif



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