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reserves at cray


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I read that the reserves lost again at Cray so relegation also beckons there.


Not a great day really.


I wonder whether Louis smith played for reserves ,and how far away from fitness he is ?

Not the panacea for our woes ,but at least another first team squad player when he is fit.


i read on www.kentishfootball.co.uk

that IOC is looking to bring one more player in-lets hope a proper bona fide striker !!


I also read in that article the usual mangerial speak/cliche after losing of 'i am now aware of the extent of the task'

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We were talking about it last night, and apparently they had to remove the horses off the pitch before they could play, and then wait for the white lines to be painted!!!

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2ND oldest football club / pitch in existence. and it looks it. Thank you to Sidcup conservative club for the use of their tea / coffee and facilities.

As for the pitch, well yes, they removed the horses and just finished painting the lines, the officials warm up included stamping divots into the holes left by the horses hooves. good job it was dry else we would have had to harvest the rice before we could play.

As for the football, you couldn't play any, if you passed the ball on the ground you had no control of which direction it was going to run, left, right or bounce up. Saying this our defence was put under pressure by the 2 strikers who played for us in the friendly against folkestone, scoring one each Saturday. They just ran onto balls thumped forward, but took their chances well, they know where the goals are and have an understanding of the game that is lacking certainly in our first eleven. NO SHOOT, NO SCORE.

we left Margate again, with eleven players including Phil Fennel(Who came on as sub for Shane Brown who turned an ankle in the 2ND 1/2 in a hoof mark). This is not good enough on the part of certain people. In my opinion they have been given enough chances, goodbye.

As for Michaels worry about reserve relegation, it doesn't mean a lot at this level, i don't see the need for 2 leagues except to limit amount of fixtures as all teams with the occasional exception are pretty equal.

Good to see Alex Krunic back again after his Cruciate injury.

Aaron Perry as left the position of reserves assistant and the roll was filled by Aaron Beech on Saturday as player assistant.

We also missed the industry of Sam Payne who as left the Club and signed for Sittingbourne where he played a full 90 in the 3-0 victory over Billiricay and 20 mins as sub Saturday. Good luck Sam.

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Who were the 11 Graeme. Aaron Beech came along to play for Gen Sports, Sunday, but picked up an injury early on in the 1st half. He stood on the half way line though supporting the team onto a 10 nil win. Wonder why Phil didn't ring a couple of the Gen Sports lads up if we only had 11? What's the story behind Aaron Perry, is he still doing the u18s?

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