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League extension


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With the date you quote Tom, that could mean that a team plays there last game on Monday the 26th yet this result could then dictate what the playoffs will be i.e. the home and away positions and who plays who, and even who is in the play offs!?


Good to see that Gary has got Bromsgrove in on the 15th April and that we will not be playing on the Monday.

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If things stay as they are and we finish 5th I assume this would mean if we play Hitchin in the playoffs we play Wednesday, and if it is Bury we play Tuesday. Would be very interesting to see if the race for automatic promotion between these two sides (given they have many games in hand over Burnham) comes down to Hitchin's game at Rothwell.

Obviously the important thing is that we focus on our games, so that we make sure we are in the playoffs at the end of it all. It's going to be very interesting with all the top teams still to play those around them.

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They're making up the rules as they go along. Rothwell's game with Hitchin, abandoned on 86 minutes, gets replayed whilst the Woodford one, abandoned after just 60, is allowed to stand? There's got to be a rule somewhere which dictates how much of a game must be played for a result to stand.


I know I wouldn't be happy if Slough were in the title hunt and a rival was playing after the season end, like the situation in the South & West with Windsor and VTFC. If Windsor need just a draw to win the title and VTFC just a draw to maintain a playoff spot, I know what I'll be having a few quid on if I can find a bookie stupid enough!

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