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Gordon T

Mascots and Beer

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From Billy the Bull on the official hereford forum:


"Following an incident regarding giving an away fan a can of lager as a good will gesture and a box of chocs to one of their smaller fans The G & N fans choose to report me to the stewards. I therefore put forward the following options:


Billy stands down, donates the costume back to the club and lets someone else fill his head


Billy accepts that he was wrong and receives an official warning from the club


The club realise that Billy was acting in good faith, allbeit a bit nieve, and the matter is left alone.


"My fate is in your hands"


Btw, I have never seen a sign on entry saying you can not bring lager in to the ground, perhaps there is and I've just not seen it.


I have apologised to the head steward and to the Office.


Bad Billy The Bull


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I must confess I didn't see anyone complain to about the beer either.


The Steward in front of us was an OK guy. he thought the ref was crap and was very impressed with Wilko.

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Conference rules state that no alcohol is allowed to be taken onto the terraces, so Billy was in the wrong.

As Jessica said at the time, it seems strange that the snack bar confiscated the lids from bottles of Coke, yet the Hereford mascot was handing out a can of beer.

Silly Billy - if only he'd followed the example of Halifax's mascot last season and just scrambled sweets at half time or something... grin.gif

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Wobbly Wayne said:


Just think the shame of it . The Reporter headlines, 7ft Shrimp in free booze scandal ! /quote]



Despite having been charged with the heneous crime of giving away a can of Asda Special Pilsner, Suky the Shrimp denied he/she /it was involved in any sort of alcohol related piracy and firmly pointed an accusing tentacle at a Panto cow and two 8' teddybears as being the main instigators of the latest 'Mascotgate' affair.


Whilst unable to confirm the latest developements, a police spokesman did suggest their enquiries into the affair were widening. Bopsy the Bunny and a giant foam crab have been detained for questioning.


Source: ITN News

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