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An introduction to some of the new features on Non League UK

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Any upgrade of software is always going to have its ups and downs. As humans we dislike change, however in order for us to move forward and allow new features to be developed for the site, we have to update the core software. All these new features are designed to improve your time here and also speed it up.


I am going to go through some of the many new features. All the features are available on both the main and alternative themes.


1) Cleaner forum design. This really doesn’t need much said about it – but as you can see; all useless information has been removed or hidden from view. Pages should be quicker to load, and information easier to see.


2) Member popups are now member hovercards. Instead of clicking an icon next to a members’ name, just hover over their name and their mini profile will popup.


3) Topic previews displayed inline. You can now view a preview of a topic by clicking the icon to the right of the topic title, and it will load below the topic, and not open another popup. Click the button to view the topic first and last posts without going into it.


4) Status Updates are now easier to update! All you have to do is click on your username in the top of any page and the update box is right in front of you – no matter what page of the site you are viewing. Simples.


5) Messages now have an dropdown similar to Notifications. You don’t have to leave the page you are viewing to see who has sent you a message! Click the mail icon to see your PM's.


6) Watched Topics have now become Followed Topics. The same concept, only much better for you as a member to use! Just click on the buttons towards the top of forums and topics to follow the conversation. These buttons also appear throughout the site.


7) Notification Preferences - click here to set your preferences as to how you are informed of replies to your posts, if you would like new PM's to pop-up on the screen, whether you wish to be told when someone 'likes' one of your posts. There are many options. If you select to be emailed, please make sure your email address is correct!


8) Post Reputation has become Liked Posts. Think of it as Facebook. If you like a post, either because of its detail level, or because it’s funny – hit the button! Others will appreciate it!


9) Avatars and Photos have been merged. You don’t need to maintain two images to identify yourself on the forum – set one and you’re done! Upload any image of your choice (as long as it is suitable for family viewing!) - or chose to show your Facebook or Twitter image. Click here to set your image.


10) Fast Reply is now AJAX. Make a reply to the topic, and the page won’t have to reload in order for your post to be added to the topic. Great if you’re using a device without much bandwidth, and much prettier on the eyes! No going to another page unless you wish to.


11) Multiquote. If you would like to reply to several posts at once, click multiquote on each post and then click on the button that will be shown on the page. Your quotes are then added to the reply box - you can even multiquote over multiple page or multiple topics!


12) Improved View New Content/Search system. Too much to write about this – just take a look for yourself! Click on View New Content above to take a look at all the various options, of which there are many!


13) New “Quick Navigation” system. Simply click on the navigation icon in the header and get a list of all sections of the site for you to access! Think of it as a sitemap, but better. It is either the icon that looks like a marker or the one that two dots and four lines - either one does the same thing. Click it and have a look!


14) Topic tags system. Gone are topic descriptions and in are topic tags. When posting a topic, you can add tags to your topic such as 'arsenal' or 'premiership' and then you'll be able to search within those tags for any topics that interest you! The more tags you add the better the tag system becomes as it allows searches on those tag words / phrases. Separate each word or phrase with a comma.


15) View who liked other users posts. Simply go to their profile and hit the "Liked Posts" tab!


16) Ignore signatures. If someone has a really annoying signature, simply hover over it and click the X in the top right to ignore their signature. You can also choose to ignore ALL signatures on the forum the same way! One click and you will never see their signature again!


17) Brand new mobile skin! Take a look yourself on your iOS (iPhone), Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone device! ipad users should now see the regular skin.


18) Easier 'My Settings' - new tabbed interface to set up and configure how you would like to interact with the site. Go through each tab and chose your preferences. Why not also make sure your email address is correct!


19) Content you follow - a dedicated page to show all the topics on one page that you 'follow' - click here to view it & add to that page by clicking on Follow on forums and topics.


20) Moderators now have their own control panel - there is a link for moderators / staff towards the top of every page.


21) Social Groups - these have been improved and can now be started by anyone who has more than 10 posts - why not start one today on a topic of your choice with your very own forum!


22) Auto saving of posts - you may have noticed that when you make a post, your post is automatically saved - no more losing important posts that you have taken time to create.


23) Enhanced search options - anywhere on the site you will now see an enhanced search option - click on the button to the right of the search box to see alternative locations where you can search.


24) Improved calendar - the calendar has been improved and we will continue to develop this feature to allow more people to add events to the calendar.


25) Choice of themes - in the footer area you will see a 'Change Theme' - click on this to show a different theme. We will consider adding further themes if the demand is there. So let me know!


26) The Gallery, Blogs, Chat Room, Videos, Member Map & Spy have all seen improvements - you are invited to click on each one and perhaps upload a photo or three, or write a blog (any subject) or post a link to a YouTube Video.


27) Facebook, Twitter & Google +1 share buttons - you will find these options on all forums and topics - why not click on one or more of them to share topics with those on social networkign sites. This helps to promote the site and attract more people to participate not only in the site but more importantly on club and league forums. One or two clicks can be of benefit.


28) On the top of each forum you will find additional options to sort the topics in a variety of way.


29) Load more topics - at the foot of every forum you will see a link 'load more topics' - click on this to display more topics below - simple!


30) More options on your own dropdown. Click on the down arrow by your name to see various options. We will add further direct links for your shortly.

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Just added today :)


It is your reputation - or the number of times people have liked a post, blog, photo, article etc., of yours.


Essentially the idea is every time you like a post, you click the button :) It encourages the poster to make more posts and shows their contribution to the site has been appreciated.


Obviously you will not see the like button on your own posts.

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