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The Old Spotted Dog Ground and Clapton FC

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There has been recent stuff on the web and in the papers about the Old Spotted Dog Ground and the Lease. So, just to clarify issues.


Newham Community Leisure Trust (NCLT), the lease holding company was given three months notice by Companies House to file accounts. Until this week there was no record of this being done. Last week, The Friends of Clapton (FOC) emailed Mr McBean the Clapton FC 'Chief Executive' and director of NCLT since 2000 to remind him that this must be done.


In 2003, the company had previously failed to lodge accounts which resulted in it being struck off. It was restored to the register in 2009 but had, by then, lost it's charitable status.


As a result, a gentleman who's cricket club uses the OSD has asked Mr McBean whether the accounts have been lodged and has been told that they have been sent. We are now waiting for Companies House to amend their records and website accordingly.


The Friends of Clapton FC are now working with Supporters Direct to achieve a solution to the problem whereby the ground, whilst secured with a 100 year lease, can attract proper investment and improvement. It is clear that such grants and offers of help are unlikely to be sourced if the lease holding company continues to show scant regard to regulations as shown in this matter.


Therefore, it is probable that alternative arrangements may have to be made to safeguard the tenure on the ground and the interests, not only of Clapton FC, but the local community.


Unfortunately, all offers of help from the Friends of Clapton are being ignored by Mr McBean in his capacity at Clapton and the NCLT. However, in the light of the help and advice we have received from supporters direct, we are not discouraged and are confident that we can make a positive contribution to the club before very long.


If you want to help or join us (or if you just want to find out more about what is happening) go to the web site or email us -secretary@friendsofclaptonfc.org


Cheers for all the support on here, other forums, Twitter and Facebook. Also to Lee Power of the Recorder :top:

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Thank you Gents. We will do our best. A lot of good people have passed through the Old Spotted Dog, even in recent years, and unfortunately haven't been able to pull things around or, when they have tried, have met with intransigence or have been misled as to the truth behind the whole shebang.


Difference is, that on this occasion, we know the lot. :)

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Agree with the above.


As a regular visitor to the ground over the last thirty years it is great news to hear that there are people there now fighting for the club's cause.


Good luck!

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Thank you E&E Fred.

We are hopeful of doing something positive for Clapton before too long.

Supporters Direct have been absolutely fantastic throughout this episode and I advise any clubb or group of fans faced with similar problems to those at Clapton to speak with them.

The situation, as it unravels is becoming quite incredible.

The reasonings and explanations that have been given as to the present situation at the club are, at best, laughable.

Watch this space.

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