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Max Clifford.

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Well make up your mind, what is it to be, now you're saying that if our Judiciary give a sentence then we should support it

I think you are struggling to understand a concept here Rhodesly. The Government are who we should seek to influence and in turn the Home Secretary sets tariffs. The Judiciary are bound by the tariff so we have to support them as in all other respects they are separate from the State and can only work within the tariff.


Yeah, I know this stuff is hard for you. Best you stick to the special learning sand pit maybe.

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You would be surprised in how many cases, the Home Secretary in the last two decades have over-ruled the sentencing Judge who may have sentenced lets say. a minimum of 25 years on a life-sentence and then gone on to inform the convicted criminal via his solicitor that 'Life in this case, will mean life' !


These are often horrific cases of a one-off crime that doesn't make national head-lines.


I can offer chapter and verse for those disagree !!

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Home Secretaries only do what public pressure forces them to do. We get the Home Secretaries and governments that we vote for.


Governments have been soft on crime for the last 60 or so years, it's not working is it?


The CPS are at the heart of failure to prosecute. Afraid to go to trial, afraid to do their jobs, afraid to fail. So when police officers do their jobs and then are let down by the CPS or if the CPS manage to find their guts and get a conviction the tariffs let down the police and ultimately society wouldn't you think?

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I wonder how Max will spend his first Christmas behind bars, it will be a huge culture shock for him won't it

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