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Baggies v Ashford


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Possibly, Mack but Eddie's choices would be much more convenient for many visitors to the club.


From Hatton Cross station to the ground, the 203 and 555 get you closest. Those with a bit of local knowledge can get the 482 and 490 to Sealand Road and cross the two rivers (this short hop is free from Hatton Cross).


You also can't get the 116 from Ashford Town Centre to the ground - you need the 555 for that, unless you fancied taking a 216 to the Bulldog and walking across the A30 to the Hospital bus stop where the 116 starts.


I know, I know... I should get out more!

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Just got back from Exeter match at Oxford and see we lost 3-0.... Our promotion push is becoming derailed  :(

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Let's see the Match Report and form an opinion. It is no surprise that we are now not in pole position, but after last year, there is much to be positive about.


I am sure that Ben and Dave B will offer their own views in the Programme for Colliers Wood on the 31st.


Let's not deny Badshot Lea some credit for their Team's performance and respect their Club on their direction of travel.


Whatever this season holds for us, we ALL need to do our bit for the cause (me included!).

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We were the better team. Badshot were the ones parking the bus for most of the second half.

We gifted them the two goal lead when Mitchal , who otherwise was having an excellent game, tried to head back to Tyler twice,both times punished by the forwards. Badshot then scored one with virtually the last kick.

Dan Fleming hit the bar when it was 1-0, if that had gone in, I think we would have gone on to win.

But, it's an alarming run of results that needs to change quickly.

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Ashford`s alarming drop in form continues, Ashford were playing away to Badshot Lea, a team full of confidence, flying up the league table, bang on form and did deserve the win, but looking at the game as a whole I think Ashford played better football, by keeping the ball and looking for players running into space to create chances to score, instead of Badshot`s long ball game, 

but we all know it`s goal`s that win games and Ashford gave away three of them, the 1st goal was given away by Ashford`s two centre backs, playing head tennis with the ball, which allowed the Badshot forward to nip in and score when it should have been launched away from danger, the 2nd goal was given away when the centre back tried to head the ball back to the keeper but did not make enough contact and the ball fell for nicely for the Badshot player to score, the 3rd goal was scored when a forward took a shot at goal from an acute angle and Tyler somehow let it roll under his body and gently into the goal, am I right in thinking that this player was in an offside position when he received the ball?  

I am not knocking Ashford`s defence  but they really missed Russ`s experience today, which says a lot for the old timer(sorry Russ) and shows that the younger players have a lot to learn

and would do well to listen to older and wiser players.

I noticed that when Ashford were awarded free kicks on or near Badshot`s penalty area

we had no variation , it was just put the ball down and wack it as hard as the kicker could toward the goal, very boring ,get on the training ground and work on some routines,

just how long did it take Badshot`s defence to work that out.

Dan Flemming hit the cross bar with an excellent attempt on goal with less than a minute gone in the second half, if that had gone in would it have made any difference?, to be frank I`m not so sure, yes we missed Mark Bitmead but Ashford`s strikers did not put enough pressure on Badshot`s defence and seemed goal shy.  

home to Colliers Wood next Saturday ,who are also going well in the league, so I shall hope for a good game by Ashford and a win and get some much needed points on the board. 

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3-0 was hard on us because we matched Badshot Lea for most of the match and the game was decided by two howlers from Mitchell. It was a shame for him as he looks a really good player and until the first error was looking like our man of the match. Ash has always been a heavy pitch in the winter, the only sensible game to play is long ball, if you recall contributors to this forum complimented Badshot Lea for their attractive football when they lost at Short Lane earlier in the season. They adapted their game to suit the conditions.


As it happens I thought we played OK, we did adapt our play to suit the conditions but we didnt trouble their defence except when Dan was incredibly unlucky to hit the woodwork as his shot seemed to deviate at the last second.


The title is probably beyond us now but if we can get all our squad fit and available in the next week or two can still have a good end to the season.

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