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Witham 2 - 1 Hornchurch

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Well, thats thst then!


Absoluting shocking and disgraceful performance today, if i may be so honest!


Midfield is non existant and cannot passport the damn ball.


If a pass is made it always goes to someone on the opposite team. It was becoming very predictable.


Too many fails, some of which i would say were inconsistant descions from the ref. I believe that he was wearing a Witham shirt by the second half.


Strikers are not getting up and getting the ball in th box let alone having at least a shot on goal.


Defence, what happend there, did they forget to turn up, too sloppy!


Hello Ryman One North, its been a while.........!!

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I thought we did better in the second half, but the game hinged on us scoring instead of the shot being saved, otherwise we could have won this game. Not much in it between the two teams. Some of our play was sloppy, but I believe we still had enough.


What we need now is an instant reaction, with games coming thick and fast we have to forget every poor result no matter how important, which includes today's, and go for it again.

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Devastated by today - thought we were going to win.

There's a few players in the team that owe Jimmy a performance on Tuesday.


Credit to George Purcell today, never stopped running, took the pen well and was defending at right back at one point.


Still a load of points to play for.

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ive been saying the same thing since the first game of the season at east thurrock  and nothing has changed my mind ...  same ole same ole  just not good enough we are were we are  !!!

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