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Barkingside 1 HX 2

cup of tea

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Well it wasn't the best of games but the important thing was to come away with 3 points today. Got caught cold in the first minute where Barkingside could have scored - a combination of poor finishing and a good save from Sam saved us there.


Pitch wasn't conducive to passing football through overuse, but that's economics for you unfortunately.


Clear penalty for the first goal, good move for the second. Their goal came from some good pace from them.


Attendance 165???


We've had some decent refs this season but not today, ref had a shocker.


Deserved the win but credit to Barkingside who made a game of it. Their manager was somewhat entertaining as well




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Thier manager was a twat. He spent more time on the line and pitch than the lino and ref - who said nothing to him.


Looks like a jumped up Sunday morning manger to manage a Sunday morning club with Sunday morning players.


The half time warm up by their subs was amusing. Two players along with the very wet ball boy did atleast get up and go onto the pitch to warm up. The others sat in the dug out in the dry. Their manager comes out for the second half and shouts to them "did you warm up ok?" "Yes" they all shout back and get thumbs up from the manager. The subs must have been laughing at the manger as i was :D .

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