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Saturday 9th January - Postponement of Matches

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In view of the Noah like proportions of rain and general poor weather we have all been suffering from in recent weeks, after a consultation between the Chairman, Referee’s Secretary and myself, we have decided that no pitch inspections will be carried out prior to tomorrow’s games, and we are giving you carte blanch to call off your respective matches.


However it must be stressed that if you can get your game on, then please do so. If you are in doubt as to whether the game can be played, and you wish to call a referee in prior to the kick off then please feel free to do so.


Obviously the more games that can be played the better, but all of us realise and understand the problems that you have been having.


This decision has not been taken lightly, but it will save clubs time and money to call their matches off as early as possible and at the same time stop referees travelling all over the place to carry out pitch inspections, which in some cases are completely unnecessary due to the current state of the grounds.


This memo does not apply to clubs who have county cup ties or FA games. Please adhere to the rules of those respective competitions with regards to calling off those games.


When calling off your games, please remember to inform me, all match officials and obviously your opponents.


Please be aware that this memo only applies for games due to be played on 9th January 2015.



Karen Browne

Fixtures Secretary

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More rain last night and for the first time this year the river here at Hertford Town FC has burst it's banks. The flooding has not reached the pitch yet but the water table is so high it is coming up from the ground.




Do we need to call a ref in to postpone tomorrow nights match or has the dispensation been extended?post-10532-0-25815100-1452506450_thumb.jpg

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