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My situation - update

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Knowing how interested you all are in my life I thought I'd update you regarding my job/financial situation....


Since leaving Deutsche Bank (1) on 31st Oct, thanks to the EU and DB not wanting to make me permanent, I have had immense trouble trying to get another job. My following appointment was with a company called Dent Devils. The work was [****!!****] and the pay poor, but it was a job and I was pleased to be working/earning. That lasted 2 weeks and 2 days.


Job #2. I was told this was an ongoing position, with a minimum on 1 month. Due to lack of work for me to do I was there for 1 and a half days.


Job #3. Helpdesk for Tribune customers. Actually didn't mind this. Started it on a Friday and was told it would last through to the following Friday. I was told I was no longer needed 3 days later.


Job #4. Back at DB, though only for 2 days. Like it here but unlikely to be asked to stay on as am carrying out a specific role.



I went out to buy lunch today (usually bring sandwiches with me, but on Friday's I buy something else) but first of all needed to get some cash. Went to the dispenser but apparently I was over my limit. Wondering how I could have spent £200 more than I thought I went to NatWest where I was told my overdraft (interest free as am graduate) limit had been reduced to £1600. When I stated this should be £2000 I was directed to a room where I was informed it should actually have been reduced to £1000. Therefore I will be charged for the use above this amount regardless of the fact I was not told about this reduction, and I was allowed to keep spending when I was over my supposed £1000 limit.



I am hungry, angry, still with debts of over £10,000 for student loan, £1,790 in my bank account - £790 of which I will be charged for (16.9%), and quite franky infuriated because there is bugger-all I can do about it. I can't get a job, and believe me I have tried, and now I find I can't even go out.


Thanks EU, your new laws have really helped me.



Ps. Apparently I can get a loan out to cover the difference. Kinda like jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.

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Oh dear oh dear me, what a state to get in, do your self a favourv and try Lloyds tsb, they helped me out big time 18 months ago, i had the same problem with the nat west so i can understand your frustration they are bloody money grabbers.Get rid of them, the longer you carry on paying them you wont get out of the hole. Be honest with lloyds tell them everything , you may be supprised. good luck....

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All donations to the LMU poor fund. I'll put £10 in for starters! <img src="/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />

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Little Miss Urchin said:
Apparently I can get a loan out to cover the difference. Kinda like jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.

The interest is lower, but it's only worth it if it's going to take some time to get the overdraft down. I hope you get a job you want soon. It seems that the economy is picking up, so there might be more on offer soon.
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The problem at the moment is, it seems alot of companies these days are only taking people on, on a temporary basis.


It took me three years after graduating from uni to get a decent job and even then my job with Department of Work and Pensions was offered on a casual basis with a year's contract.


Luckily because they are so short staffed and there is too much work to do, they made my job permanent a couple of months later.


It wasn't the job I wanted to do, I wanted to get into Journalism but as so many have found, it's virtually impossible to get into.


Unfortunately as LMU has found out, companies can be right ar...oles when it comes to renewing temp contracts. LMU was only told a week before her contract ended that it would not be renewed giving her little time to look for another job.


Hang on in there, LMU. It's a case of being persistent and eventually you'll get a decent job.

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I totally sympathise with you LMU. But tea & sympathy aint gonna pay the bills.

No wonder there are so many of us who feel disenfranchised with politics/politicians/life, when we get treated so appalingly.

That's it! I've found the answer.

Join one of the main political parties and become a career politician. £40k p.a, plus expenses. £70k+ p.a. for a Euro MP. Sorted.

Oh no..forgot.

You actually have experience of what life is really like for "ordinary" people. Your application will be binned.



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Maybe I should become a Euro MP as surely it's a job for life - few in this country know/care what you do so chances are those who do turn uo to vote will simply put you back in.


I could also make snipes at the French and try to screw them over! <img src="/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />


How do I apply?

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maladroit said:
Didn't put any of Boroman's "Weird Dream Inducing Chesse" inside her, did ya? <img src="/images/graemlins/elephant.gif" alt="" />

[color:"red"] Mala ! REALLY !!!

As if I would !
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