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Brimmo 2 Town 1

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True, but he is very good at talking younger players through the game, helping them out, giving them advice and confidence.


Those who like to criticise match officials should have been at this one - it was great fun! We got a pen through the most obvious dive possible - but didn't get one for a blatantly clear trip later on - same player involved. Offside decisions can best be described as random! No worries though, it was of course only a run-out, but the Town side was pretty awful. Kevin played very well, and Lee Digby caught the eye.


The pitch was in a very sorry state.


I wonder why both the main stand and the new terrace are so far back from the rail? A lot of problemas of obstructed viewing would be avoided if the bottom step was around the backline of the concrete pathway. Just wondered.

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OK it was only a scratch friendly run-out, but it was a bit worrying how Town were so easily outplayed when we had so many first-teamers in the side. So maybe we weren't really trying, but we never looked like scoring, but Brimmo could have had half a dozen!


Still, the main thing is that Jim learned something. Not sure what though!

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The new terracing serves two purposes. To keep people under cover and to act as the perimeter fence.


The main stands, when they are all in, cannot come any further forward because, it appears, they would restrict the movement of the floodlights when they are lowered.


We will be marking the ground in front of the main stands and asking people not to stand in the restricted area.


Pitch awful.


Linemen - brilliant. Always laughing and joking with us when we told them about the laws of the game and the offside law in particular.


I don't think Jim would have got too much out of the game.

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Aha! I see! Thank you for that, Andy.


So the linesman got the most out of the game - at least he now knows there is an offside law!


No, seriously, it was good of him, and the other one, to volunteer to do the job.


And I distinctly saw a small patch of grass in one place - it could have been a trick of the light, of course.

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The Invisible Man said:
And I distinctly saw a small patch of grass in one place - it could have been a trick of the light, of course.

Those patches of grass are a bloody nuisance. Every time someone played a long pass across the pitch the ball rolled along just fine until it hit the green stuff. Can't we organise a work party and remove it all?
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