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Boston is a great place - best bit of advice - go and watch an ice hockey game, you can drink watching the action, plenty of fights, the locals are mainly drunk (and a bit redneck), atmosphere a bit organised but it is priceless to hear the drunk rednecks come out with comments like "Go home Dallas you suck". Also be prepared to high five anyone sitting near you if the home team scores.


Excellent evenings entertainment - the Bruins at the Fleet Centre.

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EFM The Firm, The Voice said:
I'll look out for the scarf <img src="/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

I object to that <img src="/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" /> Actually i do own a GNFC scarf..but i don't wear it,is that acceptable?!
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went for a month myself.


San Diego is a big party town with great beaches and and plenty of good bars and clubs. Dont do San Fran as it is always cold and windy kinf of place you go when your old.


Chicago in my opinion is well underestimated and is like new york but with character and charm.


LA to exspensive and full of poor people trying to be rich. vENICE Beach is the best bit.


If your traveling around USA dont stay in youth hostels stay in residential hotels. There bigger cheaper and you get your own TV and you dont have to talk to hippie students who want to tag along with you everywhere.


Beer in America is about 5 dollars so will work out about the same price as over here.


Even though you look your age and alot older Thornsy 90% of pubs wont serve people without your passport they dont even except foreign driving licenses.


When you go to airportds allways have a adress of where your staying otherwise they will cal you in for interigation.


Mexicans on the west coast didnt see eye to eye with me, dont think they have the same humour.


Allways be polite and act posh and you will find that the yanks will bend over backwards to help you out.



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