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Britain's Favourite British Sit-Com

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Did anyone watch the programme on Saturday night?

Can anyone tell me how many of the sit-coms they mentioned were products of ITV/Channel 4?

I think Men Behaving Badly began on one of those and switched to BBC2, didn't they say?

As for my favs (sit-coms as opposed to comedy shows) & in no particular order, here's my top ten.

Reginald Perrin

The Office


Only Fools...

The Young Ones

Alan Partridge

Royle Family

Fawlty Towers

Father Ted

League of Gentlemen


#11 - Phoenix Nights - hasn't done enough of them yet to warrent top ten status for me!


How about you lot? What's yours? Why do you think my list is 5hite? <img src="/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />


P.S. They have to be British Made.

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[color:"blue"] You have my vote mala. I'm a great lover of GOOD British comedy.


One statistic which didn't come out in the programme which I think worthy of a mention:_


Out of the Top Ten comedy sitcoms, ONE British actor appeared in three of them.


1. Open All Hours. (Granville)

2. Only Fools and Horses. (Del Boy)

3. Porridge. (Only a small cameo part) Blanco




Surely must be in line, along with Ronny Barker for Knighthoods. They would be well deserved !


Arise Sir David and Sir Ronnie !! [color:"black"]



<img src="/images/graemlins/bow.gif" alt="" />

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Here we go the big boy bubs top 4:


1) Only fools and Horses - just the best

2) Fawlty Towers - everyones seen a hotellier like him

3) Porridge - how to scam the prison system

4) Father Ted - how to get away without Fecking swearing.


if OFAH isn't number one, i want a stewards enquiry.

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I think that's right, Invis. & it was also a Channel 4 show.

Mind you, were not all four main actors living in GB? Father Jack is English aint he?


Not wrong, Big JR!! Ronnie Barker has definately got to be hailed as a comedy genius, up there with Stan Laurel & Spike Milligan, whilst David Jason has got to be one of the greatest comedy actors along with Peter Sellars.


But Leonard Rossiter in both Rising Damp & Reggie Perrin - that's a good call as well aint it?


And...Geoffrey Palmer as best supporting comedy actor [butterflies, As Time Goes By, Reggie Perrin] ?

Keep adding 'em lads (& lasses if you will).

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Went intro the library tonight & while there I checked the Father Ted videos.

Was made by Hat Trick Productions in conjunction with Channel 4. Does that not make it British, even if the subject matter and its writers and performers were not? If it doesn't qualify, then for me it's a toss up between Phoenix Nights (C4) & Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em....although Citizen Smith was very funny at the time.

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Dad's Army being the exception...I think the reason why none of us (on here) have so far mentioned them is because, really, they went on far beyond their shelf-lives.

Allo Allo was funny for the first series, if not the 2nd. Ditto for Are You Being Served (esp when they recast John Inman's assistant...nail meet coffin).

Aint Half Hot Mum...bit politically incorrect I suppose for nowdays, so it might not have "worn so well".

Didn't Croft & Perry (or one of them) write Hi De Hi? Again...kinda funny for one series, but then once everyone got to know the format & the characters then boredom set in.

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Maladroit said pheonix nights had not made enough episodes to make their top ten but Fawlty Towers only made 12 episodes and the young ones about the same which proves its quality not quantity that counts.

my top 5 is...

Fawlty Towers

Dads Army

Two Pints of Lager

The Young Ones

Time Gentlemen Please


apart from Fawlty Towers being miles clear at the top the rest could be in any order depending on my mood at the time.

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