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Father Jack

Old Bill v Towners - game ON

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Some interesting points made and I would agree that the Met game showed a return to a bit more of a 1 dimensional style of play. Whilst not the quickest, Liam does give the team more movement and link play with other attacking players plus he is the goalscorer we lack.


Holidays are frustrating but as stated, it was more than likely booked in advance of re-joining the club and who’s to say if AL would have selected him anyway.


Hockney could be worth a try in some way but at the moment we are playing with one centre forward and therefore that role requires it to be either Thomas or Hope to enable the ball to be held up and aerial battling. Craig Calver appears to not be an option that’s preferred by the managaement.


I’d really like to see Aaron Greene getting back to his early season form as currently he appears to be searching a little after injury. I’d also like to see us get a natural left back in to the squad to bolster the defence and complement Aaron down the left. Jey Siva perhaps???


Is Kirby’s injury serious as we certainly need him to replace Darren now?


Agreed on Noto. He played well and given time on the ball is a good footballer.


Looking forward to the Harrow game before a depressing return to work! Happy New Yesr.

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