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Fans Focus - Non League Football

Pred'n Lg - Final outcome. Playoffs by 12:30, 23rd April


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Bit of a long post this week, so I don't blame you if you'd rather watch paint dry and/or skip to the end.  But some people like to see their name in lights, so here goes...

ALL HAIL LUKE.   As you know, Luke is never one to blow his own trumpet (due to a spinal flexibility issue I believe), so I guess it’s up to me to congratulate him on RETAINING the title.   Ozz did this once (remember him?), but that was in black and white, and before some of you were born. 

Anyway, well done Luke and commiserations to COYS, our beloved respected elder statesman who had led all season until losing to Luke himself last week.  In suspicious circumstances I’m told, but I’m awaiting the full report.

And ALL HAIL WIVENHOE URCHIN.  Yes, Wivvers has managed the unique achievement of retaining the Wooden Spoon.  Not even Seany The Sheep managed that (remember him?!)  (Hi Seany as I know you’re out there). Will WU go for a third in a row?

Colin somehow managed to stay up, so it’s MikeMike, Batty Mick, and CuppaT following Dinamo into the abyss.  That means only Paul C of the promoted teams managed to stay up – yes the gap between the divisions really is that wide – invest or perish I guess, as Watford and Norwich can attest.

Congratulations to Adrian83 on securing the Div 2 title.  A83 has been with us for three seasons: Promotion in his first, Relegation in his second, Promotion in his third… errrr – good luck next season Adrian!

Urchin Yid and, (astonishingly), Mysterious Nick fill the other auto promotion spots after Lord Upminster froze on his big day to set up a play-off semi with long-time rival Ozz. This will be all ticket so please check Ticketmaster for availability.  Fat Tom and Diamond Geezer will contest the other playoff– with the Geezer also attempting to “do an Adrian” (up…down…up…?)

Finally I’d better mention Blackballed as he gets upset if I don’t.  Well done on a solid third place Mr B.

That’s it.  We may do it again next year.  This was the highest scoring season in history with an average (mean) score of 8.4 (cf an all-time mean of 7.8) – and this week was the highest EVER total score (285 over 24 teams).  Either you are finally getting the hang of it or I’m making the fixtures too easy – I suspect the latter (though the Chins' winning streak obviously helps push up the scores a tad).

Many thanks to all who have taken part and contributed some hard-earned dosh – we should be able to donate around £220 to the supporters’ association.  Please remember this is voluntary, but all contributions obviously help with various initiatives, including my request to be chauffeured to games each week (due to how helpful my lucky socks have been).  Strangely this request has not yet been agreed, but I guess they are busy people.

Final positions as below, with play-off matches further down.







NEXT WEEK - THE PLAYOFFS-  St George's Day by 12:30


Please predict on:

Mechelen v Sporting de Charleroi
Arsenal v Man United (12:30)
Bournemouth v Fulham
Billericay v Bath
Hornchurch v Wingate & F

Leicester v Villa

Remember: if it's a tie, closest to attendance wins, then highest league position.

I am off for a lie down.  See you at the W&F game (can't be @rsed with Bowers)



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Marshland Mardlers

Mechelen 0 - 0 Sporting de Charleroi
Arsenal 1 - 0 Man United (12:30)
Bournemouth 3 - 1 Fulham
Billericay 1 - 2 Bath
Hornchurch 2 - 0 Wingate & F
Attendance: 468

Leicester 3 - 0 Villa

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Mechelen  2-1 Sporting de Charleroi
Arsenal 1 - 1 Man United (12:30)
Bournemouth  2-2 Fulham
Billericay 1 - 3 Bath
Hornchurch 3-1 Wingate & F
Attendance: 604

Leicester 2-0 Villa

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