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well three pre season matches completed what does everyone think so far…. Cockfosters a scrappy game on a dreadful dry sand dune of a pitch where LDV stood out a mile….then a really impressive defensive display against Spurs where I was really impressed with the young keeper constantly organising the defence …then the struggle against a really good Maidstone side on a pitch which must give them a massive home advantage with our players slipping and not turning on it….  Worried about Scott Thomas … his poor passing continued from early last season … quite like Frempah who seems composed and also Lucas Jordan who came on and actually attacked the defence something that had been lacking with no LDV…. We really need a flair player who can run at defences… Taffe ..Sam and Thomas gives  us a very static midfield…. Looks like we could have a bigger squad than usual and we will learn more from games against teams from our level…..

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Appreciate the input Theo (less so the second post - personally, I rarely check the forum at weekends), it's good to hear what's happening in games as I don't often get a chance to go to pre-season friendlies. I can only comment on the retained players really: I'm not sure Thomas is quite the player he was in his first couple of seasons with us, and I hope that injuries haven't taken their toll, if he can get back to his previous levels, then he's a very important player. Likewise Taaffe, who I think is a really intelligent player when fit, can unlock a defence and has a footballing brain. Shulton was decent under Quinton, but again another one who may not be able to reach previous levels. Good to see us retain Kirwan, who I think was in the running for player of the year last season and will hopefully continue to improve, and Cass is a proven striker at this level, and I think will do well. Any views on Wyllie or Dayton?

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