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Another one gets away

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Particularly for those out of the area, heres a quote from the Reporter this week :-


"I am still interested in a couple of strikers. However, there are only 12 weeks left of the season and I dont want to pay out five figure sums for a player who is out of contract at the end of the season".(On that basis, the player we bid for must have a long term contract at their current club)


Andy also comments that he is looking for one other player to go out on loan.


Wilkerson is quoted as being 50/50 as he has a special splint and cannot quite take a full blast shot at the moment, so Exter might be a bit soon.

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Fleet boy says That guy WAS a legend. As far as I am concerned he IS a legend I believe his name was Justin Griffiths and can I say when we saw him in the car park after the game and offered him a can of lager he took the good natured ribbing very graciously but I was extremely pissed so my vision may have been clouded

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carjam said:
If the club are not going to tell us...and im not that bothered anyway...as we didnt get him...why bother telling us...and 10K a lot of money to some clubs..they may change their mind..

The reason for starting this thread was to show that things are not standing still, but that it isn't just a case of picking a player and putting in a bid.
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