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Canvey v ricay


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Bloody hell that was crap today! Absolutely pathetic. Less said about it, the better!


Well done ricay. you deserved it.


Onwards and upwards then!!

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Shame it went today as it did. If we had been playing for the title then the game would of gone differently.


They way we knocked the ball around early on, it looked like we were trying to put on an exhibition. When we really needed to go up a gear after we conceded, we did not have the quality to get back and we also looked a bit jaded out there. Be interesting to see how the remaining games go now.


Only one game and I don’t know about others thoughts but it also showed that a few may not be good enough next season.


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Mark (Flag) Braintree said:
How strong was your team today, were you resting players for the Trophy Final, Ricay winning away at Canvey. Just makes no sense.

Ooooo look. A farmer trying to find an excuse for a pikey poor performance. Mark, we beat the first team, fair and square. Boylan was the only one missing I could see. Ok? Which means we're on the up, going for the play off's whilst Graham Roberts is on the off, with your players wages.....
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Last day we play Hitchin (Gazza BTFC) and our away form is superb 3 wins and 1 draw conceded 1 goal.


Two home games V Hayes / Carshalton (Roberts mates) so who knows, we will be breathing all down your neck. Are you confident you can do it, it looks like Kingstonian have gone now, their run of losing. So between Ricay / The Mighty Iron for 20th. (We'll beat hitchin, to take 20th <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />)

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Perhaps we could of started with Parms and Dobbo with Buzz at the back to give them a good run out after their spell on the bench recently.


Be interesting as the final comes nearer how players performances should go up as they will want to be considered for selection.


What a reaction after this one game. Just shows our expectations nowadays!


The celebrations did seem a bit muted. Perhaps as nothing really exciting happened for us then that was part of the reason. It did not exactly get fans in the mood although one game should not have mattered. The title had been won but all this is still so surreal for our club which has only been going properly at this level for around 10 years. Who would of thought!


In the coming weeks, would be good to see those fringe players getting a run out with the injuries to Greggors, Danny and Midge sorted out.


We still have a fantastic day out to look forward to next month so let's not look too much into the performances in the coming weeks.


As for next season, again all this still seems so unreal for us but what a season to look forward to. This club is still on the up. Yesterday there was over a 1,000 at home and we have been approaching 800 in recent weeks. Like the club, the fan base is gradually building and doing well against with the opposition of the already established other clubs in the region. Must be a 25% increase this season!


We are still the new club on the block and there are a lot of people who probably still don't know how to take us yet, but if current things continue, we can only grow and grow into, well who knows.







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Funny how people see the game differently.


Along with Danny, thought that Gavin were our best players. Thought that Junior and Theo didn't do much along with JK, Mints, Ollie, Ty.

Duffers tried and Chenners thought he was a wing back. Players kept

swopping wings, but nothing happened. Buzz was out of position on the right when he came on, but looked edgy in the second half at the back. Ash made one of those blunders that has made him second choice keeper now.




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