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Big Ron Joins EFM

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Apparently, his post as 'match summariser' or whatever it's called is worth £150/200,000 a year. Popular with the viewers according to an account that I read. He writes a column in the Grauniad [cue JKiF....] apparently, and that paper is keen to 'discuss his future' with him.


Using language on air that was in common usage 40 odd years ago doesn't necessarily make him a racist in itself.


He was probably sacked for gross stupidity.

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These are Uncle Urchin's comments from another forum. I tend to agree with him...


ha ha...what a load of bollox......


this country is going to the fckin dogs...


someone called me curly yesterday...blondie the day before.....whats the fckin difference....


we all say things we shouldn't say in the heat of the moment.....


I've got a white labrador and a brown labrador...I often call the brown one (who's aggressive sometimes) 'n*****' and I call the softie white one 'woofter'....


does that make me a fckin racist.....does it make me discriminatory....


of course it fckn doesn't


racism isn't determined by words...its determined by aggression against a race ...by acts of terrorism and violence against a race or peoples...


try some of these fckn muslin scum poncing off this country preaching hate against the west and threatening our safety for real racism....I know Big Ron and he aint no racist....


you lot will never learn until this country's fcked up by all these pinko whinging liberal layabouts who are determined to destroy it...


put Ron Atkinson into downing street and he'll sort all the fckn [****!!****] out....Bernard Manning could be his No 2.... <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />



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I think the big fella's let himself down badly there. To be fair, the kid’s done pretty well early doors in his career, but then - bang - he's lollipopped himself with some verbals and talked his way out of his pundit job.




interested to know who's called him a racist

as usual UU talks a load of bollox, wouldnt be over 50 perchance now

think AFF said it all more succintly


tad annoyed about this coming out so soon tho'

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