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Enfield Town FC in Ryman 2 next season

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1st May 2004 - From Club web site


"Club statement



Enfield Town FC will be spending next season in new surroundings, after being accepted into Ryman League Division Two today. Club Secretary Roger Reed described the news as a "Good move for the Club". Town's last game as an Eastway Essex Senior League club comes on Monday 3rd May against Sawbridgeworth Town in the Essex Senior League Cup, kick-off 3pm at the Cricklefield Stadium, Seven Kings. "


We did it, we really did it!!!


Created and micropropogated in the ESL. Time to plant out the seedling into the Ryman league. It is what the ESL was made for and we could not have not got to this point without the wonderful support of ALL the ESL clubs. THANK YOU and I pray that you'll wish us GODs speed up through the leagues to where we believe we should be.


I have read on this site more than once Robert Errrington rightly proud of Canvey Island and the manager of Southend United. They have all done good and now it is our turn (With your blessing please). Some ESL clubs will be able to say in the future we actually beat the Town or we drew with them. We want to make you proud of us and your part of our and your history.


Best wishes to the ESL and all the clubs in her next season





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I don`t think we have the full facts so I can`t comment but I am not completely convinced it is the best decision yet.

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from www.nonleaguedaily.com


Eastway Essex Senior League club Enfield Town should know this weekend if they are to be given the green light to join the Ryman League.


Chairman Dave Bryant said the Ryman League would be considering the club's application on Friday, with an announcement due the following day.


Enfield hosted Sawbridgeworth Town on Tuesday night and a win would have guaranteed them at least third spot. However, a goalless draw sees them condemned to finish behind Sawbridgeworth in the final table.


At the beginning of the season that might have been enough to gain promotion to Ryman League Division One, but it is looking more likely that no additional promotion slots will be available to runners-up.


But, along with a number of other clubs, Town have also been invited to join a new Ryman League Division Two for next season.


Bryant (pictured) said: "This would technically be a sideways move but in the view of the board would place the club in a better position from which to progress."


Bryant added: "When you consider the situation we found ourselves in at the end of June, what we have achieved is nothing short of amazing and bodes well for the future whatever league we are in next season."


Enfield meet Sawbridgeworth again in the Eastway Essex Senior League Cup Final on Bank Holiday Monday. The match takes place at Ilford FC, kicking-off at 3.00pm.






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Well I'll leave all the "We're all Doomed stuff" to you guys. For me to have the Ryman Grading and a place in their league is good work for this season. I don't think we have the financial muscle yet in place to support a Ryman Division 1 North team, this along with promotion to Ryman 1 North has to be the target for the coming year 2004/5. On Monday in the Cup Final we can expect to see players making their value felt so they are retained into next season.


So we take a detour sideways. Physically it may be sideways mentally for me and many other fans it is forwards.

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I think waiting a week until who goes where was settled before commiting our club publicly would have been a far better idea.

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The club has been considering this for months and not posting everything on the web is not surprising.


The board is elected to take executive decisions on behalf of the membership. It has taken a decision based on the information made available to it from all available sources.


It is not surprising that a club that came from a Ryman league club should not want to get back into the Ryman league where it knows the set-up and can demonstrate to the fans the progress made.

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Evenin' Chairman. I'm inclined to agree with you on this one. Not sure what the rush was.


- Maybe the Ryman League wanted an answer asap?


- Perhaps ETFC wanted to clearly demonstrate their willingness to Ryman officials what with important decisions still to be made?


- Maybe the Ryman League wanted ETFC to demonstrate their willingness to take up their invite in the hope that this persuades other invited clubs to join Ryman 2?

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As I have said before, they invited at least 8 if not 10 or more SSML clubs. Applications had to be in by the middle of April. Only 3 applied (Hanwell have since withdrawn after getting more facts). This leaves Brook House (who may get into Div1) and St Margretsbury (I didn't think their ground was up to Ryman standard) Both teams are strong and will do well in Ryman Div 2 if thats where they play. The Rymans are desperate to get new teams for Div 2 next year (St Martgretsbury's ground proves that), and would be keen to get a 'name' club such as yourselves on board. The choice as they say is yours. Just make sure your board or whatever have taken every thing into account and are not just going because of the "Ryman" name. Incidently I heard yesterday (second hand mind so don't quote me) that Hanwell had been told by the FA that Ryman 2 was one of the leagues to go next year, and the FA were giving "serious consideration" to a new league at this level called the Middlesex Athenian! Watch this space, as they say.

<img src="/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />

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Colin, Germany said:
The Athenian League wouldn't be new. That was the level below the Isthmian, nowadays called Ryman, for many years.

Quite correct Colin. Edmonton used to play in the Athenian, along with Aylesbury, Aveley etc. etc.
The Athenian was absorbed by the Isthmian many years back.
This new Athenian is a proposed 'Senior' division of the Middlesex County League and you can find out more about it by going to the Federation of Middlesex website . . . click here
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