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We all know why it vanished, but I think a year on we've all moved on from the various legal difficulties. So, is there any chance of resurrecting the Enfield Town Forum so that we can have a place to call home?


Of course we need someone who's prepared to run it.

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I cannot start an official ETFC forum, without the approval of the club - and whilst I can start an unofficial forum, it really needs to be linked to a site to make it work well.


This is really one for you guys to sort out - I will do whatever you/ETFC want.

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I'm certain that the club still feel the same way about not linking to a forum as I did ask at the start of the year. And anyway, I rather like the idea of a general forum getting opinions of the league collective all in one place. I'm sure many are aware that Ian provides ETFC with free hosting for our website, for which I'm grateful as it saves me a lot of hassle. Can I have another 20MB please? ;-)

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I think it would be ridiculous for Enfield Town NOT to have their own forum for next season and into the future,AND it should be linked to ETFC's main page.....by not doing so,we are letting certain 'individuals from the past' affect our future.


Every other club with as many supporters as ours,have their own forums.


For christ's sake ,we are one of the only clubs that have protected ourselves against furure 'libel' cases......If one club can feel safe about an 'official forum' it should be ETFC........Anyway,i'm sure proper disclaimers can be incorperated on the forum page,to make libel claims even more unlikely.


We don't mind taking a gamble by joining the Ryman..etc.


But we seem very negative regarding serving our fans with their own forum.


'Fortune favours the brave'.

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Scrapping the forum was probably over-cautious at the time. Now that events have run their course it seems pretty unnecessary to continue without our own forum.


How have we protected ourselves against future libel cases?


Being sued for libel is probably one of the more unlikely legal problems ETFC will face in the future, especially with our experiences.

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