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Big J R

The U.N.

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I noticed on my last rant, that some people referred to the U.N. to sort out the troubles of the world.


Hmmmmm.. Not so sure about that one !


The U.N. peace keeping forces are normally 'Tigers without Teeth'.


Point in question. An elder cousin, (a 21 year army man), was stationed in Cyprus when the Turks invaded the North of the island. At the time, he was patrolling, fully armed for the British Army.


All of a sudden, he was issued with a blue beret, and told to hand in ALL his weapons, EXPECT his side arm, (army issue automatic pistol). This, he was told, was strictly for his own protection, and was NOT to be used for any other offensive use.


Perhaps the U.N.peacekeepers berets should be white ??


Answers on a..............................

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Yes, BJR, I've never really understood what a "peacekeeping force" is or what it's is supposed to do.


Put crudely, an army's job is to fight other armies. It can't really stand in the middle looking stern and saying "now stop it, both of you!"


Frankly, I say the best options for conflicts in other parts of the world are:


a) keep out of it


B) keep out of it but sell as many weapons as possible (well I do come from Enfield...)


c) pick one side to support (doesn't matter much which), go in and win the war as fast as possible, thus ending it.



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that should be enshrined as u.k. foriegn policy ..

with one addition


d) nothing, and i mean nothing can be changed to the above policy.no ifs or buts, no adding an e, or f, .. no 'think of the children'.. nothing..

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