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Lets get this straight !


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Re;John Keister (saturday)


CK came over to me tonight enquiring about those rumours concerning JK. He said that JK was extremely upset by those remarks about his being absent. He was away for personnal reasons but not for the reasons stated by obvious rumour-mongers. Think we should apologise, or at least those that made the remarks, to John on here.


p.s. Wont mention names but CK hadnt a clue who a certain person was who deems to speak of CKs personal affairs. CK denied those facts completely.

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John,we didnt ALL believe it! Apologies from those who did, or started this wicked rumour off.

Lets hope this is the end of it and that future rumours like this never get to be heard again about any player.

I am not intentionally trying to speak on everyones behalf but as I was approached tonight by CK ,him thinking I was in charge of this forum,(no wise cracks in this instant please) feel that it be appropriate that I do this on Johns behalf.

Thats John Keister in case of any misunderstanding. Good on ya JK!

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It's curious how some people are always more willing to think the worst, or beleive unsubstantiated gossip, but I suppose the tabloids sell millions of copies on the strength of that tendency.

You hear this stuff bandied around, go ask someone from the club before biting. One thing I have noticed is that if you ask the club a question, you always get a straight answer.

Be aware there are folk around who do not wish us well, some of them post anonymously on this forum.

JK was one of the first players to publicly state he was staying with the club. But all the players and club officials have shown loyalty and commitment in the face of difficult conditions, not to mention showing the spirit we saw on the pitch last night. We should honour and prize them for it and never, never, give way to passing on tittle-tattle from dubious sources either in print, or by word of mouth.

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Must say I was stupid enough to believe these rumours, and would like to apologise for helping to spread it. I would like to apologise to JK, who is a legend in a Margate shirt, and has given many years of good service to the club. I will think twice about sharing "information" i hear at games in future.

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Would like to add my total respect to JK.


Think he has been phenominal this season.


I'm first to admit that i have criticised him last season and part of one before last-maybe that cruciate injury took a long long time to mend and allow him to get his confidence back.

Neither do i think his excellant form this season is due to the lower standard of league we are in.

Class is class,and he has been superb;including in his new found role in defence.

Where has he suddenly found this heading ability.

Inch per inch, i think he leaps higher than Sam Sodge.


Full respect to the guy,and obviously in the way he is not slow in shouting at his colleagues , the passion is there aswell.

Thanks JK

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Absolutely agree with you Michael Michael. I too am guilty of last seasons negative remarks against his form. At the time I felt I was right but this season he has taken charge and got the team now playing as a unit.This season he has been a revelation and a role model for everyone.

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