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Saints 3, Hertford Town 1`


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In a pulsating champagnefest of sparkling football the Mighty Saints marched into the semi-final of the Herts Senior Cup last night at t'Park at the expense of League leaders Hertford Town. (Err. That's Ryman 2 League leaders - Ed)


The side was Bastock, Zoricich, Cousins, Roddis, Martin, Carl Kavanagh, Hann, Seeby, Beech, Charles and Walshe. On the bench were Marwa, Clarke [who both came on with 20 or so to play] and Perks.


The match was an especial delight for us students of the game as the manager changed the formation about 8 times during the 90 minutes. Christmas trees, wing-backs, lone striker, two, then 3 up front, one in the hole. Lots of 'channels' stuff. A real joy.


Hann scored direct from a 25 yard free kick "early doors", well on the tenth minute actually but I've just heard the expression "early doors" on 5Live from Stephen Gerrard and I spotted the opportunity to use it here.


Lee Clarke, my personal MotM, came on with 20 minutes left and scored a cracker. They got one back and then Clarke scored his second.


I would guess the attendance to be around 120.


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I must admit when Hertford Town scored their goal to make it 2-1, I was worried that they would go on and score a second taking us into extra time. This wasn't because I thought we would lose, but because it was so darn cold!! Anyway, Lee Clarke came up with the goods again and it was a relatively comfortable 3-1 win. Maybe this is our chance of some silverware this season?

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