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Anyone else heard about this?


From the Kingston forum:


Nick Robinson, Ryman secretary, has announced that Ks have been given until Monday to pay an outstanding £30,000 VAT bill or they stand to be suspended from the league.

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A peppercorn rent is technically a peppercorn. However very few Landlords actually bother to go round collecting it.


It does seem odd if they are taking bar takings in lieu of a nominal rent - whatever it may be.

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In Fact 90% of the clubs in this country should start again...we are all living a dream and spending money that we have not got ! My friend from Wycombe said the same, they were were about the other only team apart from Man Utd that made a profit each season...but times have changed for them too....in the red with someone having to bail them out !


Football these days is not about Football at all .... money, greed and people on ego trips !


Capital League ! we'are having a laugh....no pressure no crowds and no hassle....


Get in there......


chris s.

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I doubt any club makes a profit on capital league games.


And wycombe must of lost alot of cash last night. Perhaps if it was played at the meadow it would of not only got a bigger crowd but Wycombe wouldn't lose money.


This is one of the reason's reading don't enter. It's cheaper to not enter than run a game at the madjeski

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