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J Lo

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The scoring went 1-0 1-1 then they got a late goal in the 83rd minute then Douggy stuck one in at 85.


Well done everyone, I'm gutted I couldn't be there, as of about 8 hours ago I should have been there...but then I woke up <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/sad.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />


Well done Tony and the team though, nice point'll do....

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Sean Dear (debut – only previous was NPS in the ESC at Thurrock)



Martin Vrhovski (debut)

Tomlinson – booked 73

Shipp © - scored 71 (pen)

Richard O’Connor (debut)

Douglas – scored 85



Mark Burgess



Billy Drake for O’Connor 85 mins

Sam Williams for Dear 40 mins


Pitch – a mixture of mud and sand in the middle, grass further out, very heavy. Temp 5 degrees, Weather – overcast.


No Ziggy.


Urchins nearly feel behind in the first minute, when a harmless upfield clearance cannoned off McIntoh and Desborough had to fling himself backwards to tip the ball over. Had Maidenhead scored, it would have been totally against the run of play. Urchins put some good moves together, but understandably passes were going astray. O’Connor had a good attempt on the turn, it was Danny Shipp who almost opened the scoring. The Doog was fouled on the edge of the area – was it inside ? – Shipp’s free kick had Bankole just scrambling the ball round the post.


Bowes hit a piledriver on the run, Bankole could not hold it, Douglas followed up to score – linesman’s flag stuck up – no goal, offside.


Dear was victim of some very harsh tackling – but no action was taken, and it was while Dear was clearly in distress that Maidenhead scored, Cook cutting in from the left and hammering the ball past Desborough. Sam Williams came on, for Dear, but it did not look good at half time. Urchins had the better of the play by far, but Maidenhead had scored with their only shot.


Second half, and it came together a bit more. Vrhovski switched wings, and made some neat passes – wonder how the new announcer will pronounce this one – if only Max were back – O’Connor made an impression in the centre, but it was the Doog who twice went close, whilst Shipp had another free kick scrambled away. On 71 mins, O’Connor was fouled in the area, just half a second after a hand ball appeal was ignored, and up stepped Shipp to plant the penalty home. Was it tiredness, was it just not knowing their new players, but for whatever reason Maidenhead had their best spell. The home crowd were treated to a ten minute rendering of Red and White Army, which brought a noticeable appreciation from the Urchins bench. Desborough made an excellent diving save, but the ball was turned back into the goalmouth, and Maidenhead were ahead.


Eight minutes to go – up comes Bowes, yet another run from the left, across it comes, and it’s third time lucky for the Doog, with Danny Shipp in close attendance. Still time – on comes Billy Drake – the youngest ever player in the Conference ? – Bowes makes yet another run, and a move involving Bowes, Drake and Williams ends with the Doog just failing to get his shot in.


Player of the match – not easy, Jamie, the Doog, but for me there was only one – You’re Shipp, and you know you are.

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Good summary Dagger04,

The pitch was awful, but it was nice to see two teams who tried to play football. Some excellant debuts, Martin Uvhoski looks interesting, for most of the first half he offered a different option, which went unnoticed. Dougie goal in the first half, offside hmmmmmmmmmmm.

The second half and we were the better team. Fair result at the end.

Ref was not bad considering the conditions.


Shippy man of the match? Nahh, I agree it was one of his better performances, but I think Lockie or Jamie would be my choice.

Nice to see a goal during the run of play today as this is where I see our weakness, the last third of the pitch.


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Dunno what game u were watchin boys but the ref was a total twat!!..warned the captain for shirt pulling in the box..no foul...same captain pulled our number 10's shirt nearly off his back..again no foul..3rd time he did it..got a stiff talking too!!..the handball? blatant..the offside goal?..always a goal!!..as for man of the match..for me..close between Terry Bowes and Andy Tommo!!

We were by far the better team although tired legs were showing at the end..robbed again by disgraceful officiating!!

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Good result for Tony and Carl of course and well done.

I thought Maidenhead were there for the taking today and the ref, oh why do we get them? should have given us a pen just before half time, a similar centre to the Portsmouth one this morning, handball, and then nothing.

That would have been a good equaliser at a vital time and something to build on in the second half.

Quote from TC at the start of the second half "Be patient" and of course 100 % correct, The Doog blasts two over we get a pen Shippy the rest and we go on to win but no Des palms, a centre, and the fella tucks away what was only their third shot.

But again we came back and Terry had his best game for us made a run, ball swept out to the right, a centre and swept home for third time lucky by the Doog, surely his reward for a lone forage up front but one that he gave 120%.


Well done lads and once again great travelling support, (sh wont mention the 2 who spent the second half in th HP!)


Jamie Southon superb, Shippy non stop, Tomo his best game for us, Sean Dear, is he really 16, was MOM before he went off.


See you Tues lads and lasses can't wait.

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great battling display by the lads today. agree with ec2 sean dear was superb until the astma attack..( nice of the maidenhead fans behide me saying he was acting)i let then know otherwise along with little terry ....well done lads..

p.s was billy drake the youngest ever connie south player not 16 until june?

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