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Amateur video clips of Histon game

Graham S

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Talking of videos, I see that Histon are sending a copy of the match video to the FA, in view of the missed handball & , apparently, 5 bad offside decisions - whilst I can accept video evidence on the handball (which seemed blatant even from the other end of the ground), I'm not so sure about offsides - given theres only one camera, I would have thought that its difficult to be categoric if they were right or wrong much of the time.


The note from the Histon Board goes as follows :-


Having received a video of the Gravesend match and watched it at length without wishing to be placed on a charge for misconduct I can confirm that the assistant referee, Mr Gavin Muge had as bad a game as he did when officiating us against Hemel Hempstead.


None of what is reported below is hearsay or a matter of opinion its a fact.


The video of the Gravesend match will be sent to the FA and the match referee to assist them with any questions they may have to the assistant referee.


1) The Goal keeper is clearly seen to handle the ball deliberatly outside his area not slightly or just a glance but both hands above his head.


2) Over five of the offside decisions given by the assistant referee are seen to be wrong. Maybe the assistant has soemthing against Histon FC, maybe he is just not very good,but on reflection some might question the judgement in appointing him to a histon fixture knowing the club had written such a detailed report on his performance against Hemel.


The Video will also be available for our supporters to watch in the Glass World Lounge Bar before the Chesham Fixture. We will show the video 1.00pm and again at 5.00pm.


Its not sour grapes its very frustrating. Will anything be done ?


The Chair

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I don't blame the assistant ref for disliking Histon, given the way a couple of people in their directors box abused him & the ref as they came off at half time. One bloke leant right over & was literally in his face.


Don't really see the point of their bellyaching. The 2nd half was so one sided, how can they possibly believe they lost because of poor decisions?



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Yep, the Histon player was clearly offside in the move before Wilko handled outside the area. The Linesman missed both. Just sour grapes on Histon's part, they should have been buried in the second half. Will they send in video clips of Lance Key's blatant time wasting ? The Ref had the cheek to say 'hurry up keeper'to Wilko late in the second half.


I hiope they get Deadman for their next game.

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Well apart from the handball incident there were two very clearly wrong offside decisions that went our way.

One in the first half when their right wing was put through and was given offside, he was clearly onside ( Wilko made a good save anyway but that doesn't make the decision any better)

One in the second half when Manny was put through on our left wing directly under the linesmans nose...it wasn't even close Manny was about three yards offside but the lino waved play on. I don't think anything came of it but you can certainly understand that they would be upset about it.

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I think that it's just sour grapes, because they were 1 - 0 up, the decision that could have turned the game on it's head went our way (Wilko's blatent hand ball), and we were all over them in the second half, despite the fact that some of their players are ex pros. We seemed to show them how a comeback should be staged, and because they lost, they're complaining. They had their couple of chances in the second half, it's a shame their strikers didn't find the back of the net (for histon supporters i mean). WHATS THE BET THAT IF THEY HAD WON THEY WOULDN'T BE COMPLAINING.?

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At least shows what a cracking header that was from Jay - probably just about the one spot he could have put it.

Probably the best head on the pitch...!! Must be the top scorer for GNFC by now?... If not, he must be close. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/top.gif" alt="" />
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