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i think it should be a comfortable win, i saw us beat them in the FA cup earlier in the season, and were reasonably comfortable winners. i wont be able to go to the game as tuesday nights are the one night when i am busy, but i shall be there is spirit!

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yes it would be nice to win a trophy, but not at the expense of endangering our position in the Ryman Premier. WIth so many games still left to play the Bryco should be bottom of our priorities. The trophy brings in welcome financial reward with another £6K coming in if we get past Gravesend, which I think is possible. If we did we'd be in the last 8 and who knows what can happen from there. Of the three competitions we are playing in, the Bryco cup is the least relevant and while having some silverware may be what you want Mark, I'll be happy to pass up the opportunity to progress in this competition if it enables us play our league games without having to resort to four games a week at the end of the season

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As i said on the thisiswindsor/slough message board. It seems Slough are in danager of being a victim of your own success. Of course it's nice (and also a good money spinner) to do well in the cups but the bryco cup is a joke of a cup and with Slough fixture list already starting to look busy if i was Slough i'd put out as many reserves as possible

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Wait a minute slough/windsor forum, its just you who comes on here, i know you wanted to merge last season but this takes the mick.

Mark it's a different forum. But Dennis Greene did say he wanted a merge last season
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