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Quiet Day....

Simon BTFC

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Naah - au contraire. I believe it's in all our interests for as many clubs as possible to believe they've a chance of winning the league and/or reaching the play-offs. That way, sides will continue to take points off each other (and Yeading in particular!) That said Eastleigh appear to have gone off the boil at just the wrong time.


As to being worried about Ricay, I'd be wary of your first half team last night, but far from fearful of your second half side!


As you will no doubt understand, us humble Iron folk would love to be promoted. Ideally with yourselves, so that we continue to have an Essex derby to look forward too in Connie South.


We all have to win our games against Yeading to ensure that Essex double - or would you prefer your Boxing Day game at the stalebunz? (if they survive!)

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Iron Webbo, calling us stalebunz, you've been hanging around on here for far too long and you've picked up that legendary scarfer 'ricky wit.

Next you'll be telling me that you smile when your boys are referred to as Boretree.


Personally I'd like Braintree to come up so we can sponsor the game again and ruffle a few more feathers. I'd like Billericay to stay down because that'll be really really really really funny, especially as every prediction you make these days has you lot winning 4-0, you're more arrogant than Arsenal were.

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