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That's it

Barry Scott

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Woody we're in Windsor and no-one seems to be telling the fans anything about where we going to be going. Personally, I don't want a 20 page booklet on a new stadium, just a small statement saying what the score is as we're getting nothing at the moment


Radders - yes, am I allowed to let them play San Andreas?

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well I don't know if anyone's got nothing to say because no-one's talking. Even if Deaner was to come out and say "I haven't found a site yet but I'm still looking" that'd be a start



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KoC is quite right, as my missus has been saying for weeks.


Even if Martyn says, "thanks for the ride but I've taken this as far as I can go. Next season you've got to find the rent and the wages as I won't be around", well we might not like it but at some stage we're going to have to face up to it and I'd rather know now than later.


At present all we know is Martyn's not been around. We/I assume he's still contributing financially but beyond that we have no clue what's happening. We need to know what the hell is going on as at present we're not even being told that we cannot be told, if you get what I mean.


We can only deal with situations we're aware of.

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Yes I agree with was being said...the trust has tried last week to get MD to contact us, to see what is exactly the plans - Roy has said that MD will be taking a back seat regards to the football club , but is still prepared to fund some of the monies..and planing for next season..what this will entail is not known... so at the moment not much really to involve us all !


The underlining un certainties are worrying but Roy has stated - lets work together when/if the circumstances change.


But at the moment the situation is status quo...!


No news sometimes is good news... fingers crossed we will hear some news soon...


Cheers Chris S


*NB the best we can all do is give us as much money to the trust, firstly to have some funds but also allowing us to be in a position to support our club if things fail...


best to be prepare whatever we might hear in the not to distant future.


Up the Rebels....

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Ok, that's fair enough but have thr trust been in contact with either Slough or South Bucks councils over any possible available sites. I'm not talking about anything financial, but just as an inquiry. It seems as if the football club is going to have any future we need to be making the moves ourselves, getting some sort of scope as to the size of the project and then getting finance in

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see my last posting under Farnham park...


for a request to get back round a table with the council and our parent club.


chris s


To answer staines rebel...yes I am afraid a football club can be a bottemless pit ....


ask MD he has put about a million into our club and got nothing in return...


Football clubs are not the best thing to invest in and the same will be if the trust was running it...with our current support it maybe or would be impossible...


chris s

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