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Big J R

St Paddy's Day

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[color:"blue"] Ar, Invis, but did we return their chewing-gum, stockings and anti-social dideases, I ask myself ?? [color:"black"] <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/pipe.gif" alt="" />

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The Invisible Man said:
The lend-lease plan did not consist of the donation of ships and other equipment, but the loan of it. They wanted it back again. Plus of course, a tidy pile of our gold reserves and the dismantling of the British Empire... etc etc

....and so Thatcher privitised all our national industries (water,rail, etc) to free us from the remaining war debt.

Just wondering what "conditions" the UK has imposed upon the US because of the recent Gulf Wars. I suspect it was "unconditional". <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />

(Don't Mention The War.....):
Considering it was Britain who saved the USA, we might claim we were treated rather shoddily by our so-called Allies.
As put to me recently...if GB had collapsed, and the Royal Navy had fallen into German hands, then the war would have been on the USA's doorstep. I think I am right in saying that the Soviet-German Pact was in existence during the Battle of Britain...therefore, a Soviet-German-Japanese attack on the USA (the "centre of World Jewry" according to Mein Kampf) was a real and distinct possibility.

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yup.. and with the help of our research they wouls have had the atom bomb and way before the yanks and would have been years ahead in jet engine technology.. the transatlantic jet bomber would have been levelling the eastern seaboard by 1945..

as for intercontinental missles.. well i think its safe to say the germans were years ahead there as well ..

we should be in the septic national athem.. a thank god for britain verse

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