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Ebbsfleet move will be on


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A provisional deal with Gravesham council is all but done and dusted on a smaller 18,000 capacity stadium for Gillingham FC estimated for the start of 2008/2009 season.I for one applaud this decision,fair enough if G&N don`t want to groundshare but to be honest i wouldn`t worry about the clubs move stealing any of your meagre support more on your conference survival in the next couple of years.


Down but most certainly not out Kents Finest Gillingham football club!




Bob Stephens

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I`m sure you would love to be travelling down to Yeovil for a league one match,never going to happen though eh? Conference south then the Ryman for you lot!

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ROund of applause for Bob. He's relegated to League One so he needs to pick on the small guys.


Yes, we know we're not going to have a League One game. We're not that bothered. We've found our level for now, and so have you.


However, it's a great laugh that you're having a League One game instead of a Championship game.

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David Holden said:
He's talking out of his [****!!****].

The decision doesn't rest with Gravesham Council but with KTDB who have not yet discussed the matter.

Exactly. Definitely verbosa arseola from our little friend. The decision on the building of a stadium in Ebbsfleet, as part of the Thames Gateway development, does not rest with Gravesham Council.

Graham S
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You average crowds of around 6,000 and are in debt. Sorry if you didn't fulfil your entire secondary education, or you're just plain stupid, but that doesn't really add up to a multi-million pound stadium, does it? Fool, go back to school.

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People shouldn't be so quick to call it either way. Bob you would have to be one sad mug to come in here having a go at us saying the move is on, your just looking to cheer yourself up after having a very stressful week, thats life. If you don't like watching a team in Div Three then don't go and watch them.


Also people shouldn't be so quick to damn The Gills chances of bouncing straight back up, I'm not saying either way but it is possible that they will be back in div 2 next season.


I posted something the other day which pointed out that only 3 teams out of the the last five years that have been relegated in that time have come straight back up. 3 out of 15, thats only 20%. They were Walsall who got relegated again, QPR who were once a big club with a massive follow averaging gates of about 13,000* while in div three and Brighton who have been on the rise for quite a while. Anyway it could happen.


If the Gills could do a Brighton and get themslves it would obviously be great for them but remember even the Gulls will have a relegation battle on their hands next year.


Also people don't we have a little phrase on here stating DO-NOT-FEED-THE-TROLLS!


*Please note QPR's average attendance is based on a quick glance over one season's period and could be wrong. If anyone would like to challenge me on it then I seriously recomend you get a life.





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