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Reprieve For Maidenhead?


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Taken from the Maidenhead website:


FOLLOWING last week’s relegation heartbreak, Maidenhead United are back in the Conference South this week.

The reasons are yet to be officially confirmed, but it is believed that Hornchurch are dropping out of the league to play at a lower level, reportedly Ryman League Division 1, or Southern League East or West.

The club and the league refused to confirm anything on Thursday, although the Essex side is known to have been experiencing financial difficulties since before Christmas.

But whatever the reasons for United’s reinstatement, club chairman Jon Swan was clearly delighted by the news.

He said: “We’ve been told by the league that we’ll be playing in the Conference South next season.

“We’ve been put back in it. It’s a lifeline and we’re grateful for it.

“It’s the highest level of football the club has ever played at.

“I was very glad we had the opportunity to play at that level, and it’s great we have the opportunity to stay in it.

“You have to embrace the highs, when they come, unexpected or otherwise.”

Swan broke the news of United’s reinstatement to relieved fans at an extraordinary meeting at the club on Wednesday night, called after a heated bust-up between officials and some supporters at Newport County, where a

2-1 defeat on the last day of the season sentenced United to relegation.

Swan said: “I was pleased with the way the meeting went.

“It’s important to listen to the supporters. Their views are always respected.

“But as much as they are respected, the experience at Newport County will not be accepted.

“Anyone is welcome to come down to York Road and enjoy the game, as long as they behave.

“It’s now been dealt with. It’s finished. We need to look ahead and consolidate.”

Swan also reiterated his support for manager Dennis Greene, who has taken the brunt of the fans’ criticism, despite turning United’s form around since joining the club in December.

Swan said: “Dennis is so hard working. He travels the length and breadth of the country watching teams and looking at players.

“I’m looking forward to working with him and going forwards.

“He’s taken a lot of criticism, but he has delivered a side that would have been comfortable in midtable.

“We had an awful record until we took Dennis on.

“The reason we were in the bottom three was because of the first half of the season.”

However, despite the reprieve, Swan admits his side may struggle to compete against the best next term, largely due to United’s relatively small budget.

He explained: “We don’t have the funds to compete with the top sides.

“It’s a hard task and people need to understand that.”

However, there was some good news on the club finances.

Swan added: “It’s easier to attract more funding at a higher level of football.”


No mention of the team but I guess somebody else might "Do a Hendon" and drop to a lower level, may not be Hornchurch.

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From the Hx forum linked above........




Firstly thank you all for your patience and support throughout the past week. It was much appreciated and helped enormously in what was a very difficult time.


As you are all aware from previous announcements, the Football Club had proposed a CVA to its creditors in an attempt to settle the remaining outstanding debts. Unfortunately this proposal did not receive the required 75% majority vote.


The Directors of Hornchurch Football Club Limited immediately sought the advice of its Accountants and Lawyers and were advised that, under the circumstances, the Company had no option but to cease trading and subsequently the Company was placed into Liquidation on Wednesday 11 May 2005.


A new Company known as Hornchurch Football Club (2005) Limited has been formed and the Company has received the consent of the FA and the Essex FA to play football within the pyramid as AFC Hornchurch. The Club will be advised as to what League it will be placed in after Thursday 19 May by the FA. (Although the Club have actually applied for a place in Ryman Division One the decision is fully in the hands of the FA.)


The new Company has applied to Havering Borough Council for a new lease on the Stadium which is being considered at the present time. In the meantime the new club will continue to use the facilities at the Stadium under the terms of the existing roll over agreement.


The Affiliated Social Club, and its Bar and Restaurant are not affected by the Liquidation and will now be affiliated to the new football club and continue to raise funds for it.


Due to the much reduced budgets being prepared for next season, both Tony Choules and Carl Taylor have recognised the situation that the club now finds itself in, and have this morning taken the decision to resign their positions. At a much troubled period in the Club's history both Tony and Carl brought much needed smiles back to the faces of the Urchin faithful. They have done a tremendous job and everyone at the club is grateful for what they have done, they will always be welcome at the Stadium. Thank you Tony and Carl, you will both be much missed.


Club stalwart and current Youth Team manager, John Lawrence was offered the position of AFC Hornchurch Manager this morning and immediately accepted that offer. His team of Alan Moulder, Paul Marler, Barry Fox and Del Edkins will join him.


The Club shall run a First Team squad, a Capital League Squad and an under 16 team next year. The existing under 19's will be amalgamated into the new setup.


You, the supporters have been fantastic in large numbers throughout turbulent times and regardless of it all you have not wavered in your support. With our heads held high, this is the beginning, not the end. Up the Urchins.

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Presumably now that Hornchurch have ceased trading that nice Mr Borg won't get the £27K he alleges he is owed. Now isn't that sad?.


I suspect a few of the creditors who didn't their money back from the Saints CVA will be a little amused to see a certain programme seller lose his money as well.

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