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Forest Green are back

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Much of which is the Conference's fault if it occurs. Slap on some ground grading regulations, so Vics can't upgrade their current ground and move. Relax ground grading later, so it turns out they could have upgraded their current ground. Of course, the club might well have handled the move better.


And if FGR are let back in, they've likely released a few players, implemented cost-cutting measures, and are then expected to prepare for a new Conference season from a standing start.


Rearrange the words brewery, organise, p!ss, couldn't and up.

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But if the club hasn't transferred the ownership of the ground etc. to the new company in time, then they've only got themselves to blame. This doesn't detract from the sympathy I feel for their supporters, though.


Harry J Allstars said:

Mike please tell me that your not enjoying this? It was very nearly us remember!


Not really, since the ground is still up to Conference standard even with the closed Northfleet End terrace.

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we are not back yet,believe we have to wait for the agm 11th june or vics if they appeal.


any news on what your doing with that end you at to close,always enjoyed my visits to your ground because its a proper ground not some new cement blocks chucked up in 5 minutes thingy.


hope to see you all next season.


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The closed end will be renovated over the summer, with seats at the front and terracing at the back.


Looking forward to visiting the Lawn again next season, assuming Vics' appeal fails.

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