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Anybody want to help me

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Am considering going into the Cat Slaughtering business, and then exporting their meat to the Chinese.

They love it....Crispy Aromatic Cat.


Anybody else hate the little feckers as much as me?


Would you like to help me in this venture?

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Mala, you have one huge problem. Cat-lovers just don't get it. They truly believe that the creatures show them love and affection.


In reality all cats hate all human beings. They tolerate humans, and allow them to share their homes, simply because their paws have not yet evolved into tin openers.

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He only hates cats coz he knows they are far more intelligent than dogs !




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He's really a 'closet-cat-lover', coz felines only go near people who really like them !

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mala said:
....and sh*t in their gardens?

Don't fink so, JR!

Dogs happily foul thier owners gardens !

Cat's know better, preferring the stroppy next door neighbour's garden !

Hence - More intelligent than dogs.

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I happen to like cats!!!!!

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