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wildebeests in the ESL

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now i know not many people would approve of me singling out one single member of the animal kingdom, nor my method by using the ESL site to soapbox it up, but think if it happened to your club....


terrible thought, isn't it?


a herd of wildebeests would not only endanger the supporters and players (oh, and officials), but could also cause untold damage to playing surfaces, possibly leading to court actions by players injured from divots caused by herd of wildebeest on the rampage.


i urge you all to consider this and take action. let me know when you spot even a lone wildebeest, or gnu, as they are sometimes known.


by working together, we can ensure that the fa's stance on this is upheld...




i thankyou.

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ian, this is a very interesting point you make and one of the reasons that football clubs could be at risk...


ok. here's our suspect.




this is the BLUE WILDEBEEST -Connochaetes taurinus


nasty looking bugger, ain't he? just think of the damage this creature could do to your fans, players, or more importantly, the pitch...


awful, isn't it?


i am reliably informed that the diet consists of SHORT GRASS


beware, take care.


no gnus is good gnus...

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when will the FA release a document or training course on how to spot these scourges of the ESL?


literally tens are probably staking out our clubs AT THIS VERY MOMENT.


i think we should be told what they plan to do.

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Come on Zody, give us some FA examples of BEST PRACTICE for dealing with the Wildebeest situation! While you're at it, what do they suggest should be the procedure following the crash landing of a UFO on the pitch during a game? Would this be a notifiable incident and, if so, who should be notified? Remember, there is always a first time for everything.

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Best Practice in the handbook for such things is to chain the gas bottles securely and ensure sturdy racking for the alcohol to ensure nothing topples onto the frolicking despot or more importantly Urchinette(s) or similar. (FA Beer Cellar frolicking rule 7a)


It was indeed on this point of rule breaking that previous Chief Executives have been relieved of their duties from Soho Square allegedly <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/blush.gif" alt="" />


(I use the word 'relieved' advisedly!)

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