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Jacko - NOT Guilty

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Load of bollox that! Something very fishy!!

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persoanlly i think the parents of these kids should be banged up..

anyway lets face it, the case against him was weak and nothing more than him being a bit wierd could be proven..

people get a bit over emotional these days about the poor little kids,, fk me when i was a youngster it was common knowledge that only an idiot would hang around alone with a priest, vicar, privately educated sixth former, social worker (or truant officer as they were called in those days) etc etc

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Even in the mid-90's it was different. When I used to run my kids club I used to have kids on my back, I used to carry them, muck around with them, speak to them in the street, some even knew where I lived and popped round to say hello.

In this day and age I'd be [****!!****] scared to do any of that!

Although I do remember having to chase this kid across the playground and grab her to drag her back to the church and she said "I'm going to tell my Mum you touched me" and I thought wooooh that kind of sh*t sticks.

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Bothers me as well. Did he dress up as a clown?

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