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Who's Selling Shirts


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mikefleet said:
yes it will be there but will it fit. i went on saturday and jessica said the sizes are smaller then there meant to be. e.g i ordered a M/L (which is the size of my currant) but i need XL because its to small

You could have had mine then coz mine was xl and being a tubster i had to re order a xxl so yes they are coming up small.
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Well, mine (M/L, just like last year's) was OK. They seem a similar size to last year's to me - although the sleeves may be just a little shorter. Perhaps it's a labelling problem.

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Jessica.....please make sure that XXL's are readily available, based on the above info, ready for when the fat b'stards return at the start of the season !!




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Have ordered more of the larger sizes to ensure orders are filled.


i.e. M/L will now need to be XL and so on. Also they do an XXXL so have ordered some of those as they will be for the usual XXL.


The shirts are smaller and after being measured they are at least three inches smaller around the chest. So no you have not all put on weight.


Only good thing to come from this is that the XXS will probably now be OK for some of our smaller fans who have previously not been able to have shirts.


Downside, we have a lot of M/L shirts on order which we do not need as they are the old Small size, the range we sell least of.


Please , hold back on racing down, hopefully some of the larger shirts will be in b4 Sat, will post if they are. We will then try and cover all orders previously made and then sort out stock shirts for general sale.


Lucky for the club I rang and told me otherwise the shirts they had ordered for the team would have all been too small.


Who'd be a shop keeper.!!!

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