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James Pullen...

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...will not be playing for Gravesend next season. I have spoken indirectly with his NOK and he has no intention of playing for us next season for various reasons.


He was not taken by Notts Forest though it is true he had a trial. I hear that Shrewsbury are now interested.


Er... Do we have any goalkeeper?

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JimGNFC said:
Thought he was under contract with us this year? That being the case if the Club holds his registration surely he can't play for anyone else unless GNFC a) sell him or B) agree to release him?

We have an option for the current season which we are now unlikely to take up.
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Club seems to be going one direction at the moment. I know 5 people that will not be buying season tickets and not making many games this year. If this is a trend i can see poor crowds and getting on Daish's back very early on. We havent made 'big' signings, the clubs lack of information, the'Ford' factor etc etc etc we may struggle . . .


The Pessimist

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Agreed Rich. Now we only have one striker and no keepers at the club we really do look thin on the ground.

I know the transfer market is stagnant at the moment, but for goodness sake the season starts in 4 weeks time and we need about 5 or 6 top quality signings to make it happen this year, and I cannot see that happening.

What I do see is a poor start, panic buying and another long slog in the lower half of the table.

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Have not bought a season ticket myself this season (first time in several years). With other commitments, I'm likely to "pick" and "choose" games but that doesn't mean that I don't want to see the Club keep moving forward.


I have nothing against Daish - personally think his made some good lower league signings. The Club probably can't afford to recruit ex-league players so his probably doing the sensible thing by recruiting good non-league players on full-time contracts without bankrupting us.


The Club should realise that by not giving fans "information" it causes people to lose interest - this may be reflected in lower than expected season ticket sales. I have some ideas' about how the PR side of things could be improved/plus getting more people through the gates that I will have a word with certain members of the Fleet Trust about to possibly take forward to the Club.

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