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Unbelievable their take on the game...


Still, I suppose what can you expect from some squatters?


I thought Chelmsford were dire. In fact as we gifted them two goals and scored four ourselves, they may as well as not turned up.


And the offside rule states that if the man isn't interfeing with play,which is what the player running back, it isn't offside, Hockers was running from his own half...still takes a man to accept that, if you are going to play the keeper as a outfield player, you're gonna get spanked that way...


Top game and fight back from the lads....

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Gazza - Hockton was in his own half so it doesn't matter a jot what else was going on - he couldn't be offside.


Law 11:


A player is not in an offside position if:


* he is in his own half of the field of play


* he is level with the second last opponent


* he is level with the last two opponents


I know we don't expect too much from linos these days but a manager of Edwards' experience should know the laws of the game. Still he showed what a bad loser he was at the final whistle, running on to the pitch to shove the ref.


If Craig (or the assistant referee) want to check up then the pertinant law can be found here

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Typical Edwards. Have absolutely no time for the man. Makes George Borg look a gentleman!

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They seem to forget that the score was 3-2 at the time...with a minute to go. So really its irrelevant, cos the 3 points were always in going to Ricay, I mean they didnt have a shot on goal yet scored 2 goals

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Oh Gary, you nasty man - you've upset our tenants ! From that link you posted:


"Who is the mouth on the mic at Ricay? Stood fairly close to him near the dug outs. Some of the comments to the away fans and to the ref you wouldn't expect from a club representative.


I don't have a problem with passionate support but with comments like 'how does it feel Chelmsford' and 'if you don't like it, go home' after some fans told him to behave you don't expect. I just hope our MC carries on with a bit more decorum!"

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I have just visited their site and all I can say is that the best form of jealousy is the form that they have shown...


Some of the reports don't even match up to what happened on the day. Like their players are all angels and our's, the devils incarnate. Like the ref favoured us...well he would, wouldn't he if all they could do was kick us up in the air...Then again, he missed some bloody obvious ones when Nathan got fouled!!! But this is all nit picking.


To be honest, I got into the passion of the game but what got me was the abuse that some of their support gave our officials. So it's one rule for us and another for them? Yeah, rite!!!


Poor losers, these Chelmsford lot. They moaned up about us last season so you would've thought they may have remembered their words? Nope...In fact from what I remember, they were poor winners!!!


I would like to say thank you to the Chelmsford supporter who stood next to me. After the game he shook my hand and said, he knows that there are some Chelmsford supporters that don't appreciate that if we didn't share our facilities there would be no Chelmsford City FC. I wish him well for the season and all who are like him!!! He understood my delight and didn't take offence.


Really, either Chelsmford don't deserve their supporters or their supporters don't deserve Chelmsford...

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Have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the game. We didn't play brilliantly, but thought Chelmsford were poor after their goals. Chelmsford fans were moaning about the ref, but I felt first half he was very biased towards them. How their fans can have the cheek to moan about gazza is unbelievable, their fans were a thousand times worse. The abuse from their fans was a bit pathetic, particularly considering most of them have little knowledge of the rules and is it really our club's officials fault if they don't agree with correct decisions.

Anyway, 3 deserved points.




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I don't those posts are 'Ricay supporters as much as I think the same about the Chelmo ones. Just a bunch of kids winding people up and abusing people.


Bit pointless really.


As for the pious comment...was it? I don't think so, the bloke standing next me was a top geezer. I wish him and you all the best for the season but I think that Chelmsford have got the team that the majority of your support deserve.

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