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can someone tell me what the big deal is in this league about playing a football match on boxing day.....every time we try and arrange a game someone knocks it on the head for one reason or another.....


I hear all the talk about no money and grass roots football blah blah blah but when we try to arrange a game that will bring in many many supporters (home or away)...and put dosh into the coffers we get short thrift on it....


football is supposed to be played on boxing day...supporters are supposed to be at football matches on boxing day....its what boxing day was arranged for....sport....its traditional and boxing day without football is like easter without hot cross buns....


Hx will play a game of football on boxing day even if we have to play each other.... <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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it is absolute b*llocks,i understand christmas is a time for families and all that boll*cks but i have always watched football on boxing day,it is a special time when peoples relatives come over to the bridge(or other grounds)for an entertaining afternoon,my aunt doris and uncle winston are especially cheesed off this year that there won't be a boxing day derby

After all,i understand people want to spend xmas at home but if this league is step 9 and teams are vying for promotion etc,then they should play footy instead of worrying about where their next beer is cominf from(leave that to me)

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i love boxing day footie, best thing about xmas


see if concord can rearrange the game on 10 december for the 26th , i would love to partake of some AFC lovin on boxing day

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