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Reserves v Dagenham

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We drew 1-1. Don't let the score fool you, we were all over them.


The team was Aaron Kerr (Craig Holloway 45), Scott Gooding, Daniel Glozier, Ben Surey, James Smith, Sam Groombridge, Wayne Wilson, Ryan Maxwell (Manny Sackey 50), Andy Druary (Aaron Phinbow 45), Luke Moore, Dean Lodge.


Dagenham took the lead against the run of play on 15 minutes after an error from Goalkeeper Aaron Kerr who just seemed to dive over the ball as it rolled into the net.


The Fleet didn't really create anything in the first half despite some really good passing but it was just a case of the final ball appeared to be missing.


Jukebox played well as an attacking midfielder on the left but coming inside allowing Danny Glozier to over lap when needed.


Into the second half and the theme was continued, all one way stuff but no final ball to finish off some of the fantastic passing.


It was nice not to have to watch hoof hoof hoof all day long as center back James Smith really was laying on some exquisit pass' for his team mates. His control and vision is really something else.


Ben Surey played in his usual midfield roll and made some great tackles and battled well. One dissapointing thing to see was Ryan Maxwell was carried off after injuring himself again just after the restart. There was no player within five yards of him but I think he fell funny with his studs cought in the ground. For anyone that was there he was the guy that went off after thirty seconds in our first preseason friendly at Folkestone.


The Fleet's goal came after 84 minutes when Wayne (not Fred) Wilson fired home a freekick from the edge of the box. It struck the bar and came back down but was already over the line.


Lots of positives to take out of tonight namely that of Mr Druary who worked well in the support striker role.

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FleetFanatic said:
As Dave has said previosuly, who's to say that Peterborough will want him back?

I believe that it has been made public that Peterborough have already stated that they want him back at the end of the loan period.

Great move on Daish's part, sign two goalkeepers on full time contracts, one who quite clearly is not up to the job, the jury is still out on the other and then be forced to depend upon a loan player.

That said the teams performances have improved since the arrival of McShane, I just wonder what will happen in a few weeks time when he goes back to Barry Fry's lot?
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